“Vanished in Yosemite,” Lifetime’s most talked-about thriller with a cast to boost, is sure to win over viewers’ hearts and minds. The plot revolves around two sisters who go on a trip to Yosemite and find themselves caught up in a web of mystery, danger, and the unknown while they are there. This serves as the narrative’s primary source of tension and drives the story forward. 

Vanished in Yosemite Cast & Characters Explained:

The film’s gripping story is brought to life by an ensemble cast of skilled actors who breathe depth and authenticity into their characters.

Skye Coyne

Skye Coyne, an impressive presence in the entertainment realm, graces the screen as one of the film’s leading characters. Taking on the role of one of the sisters, Skye’s portrayal promises to be a memorable one. She embodies the resilient protagonist who navigates through treacherous terrains to rescue her abducted sibling. 

Kelcie Stranahan

Kelcie Stranahan’s enigmatic performance takes center stage as she embodies the infatuated sister who becomes enmeshed in the enigma of a charming stranger during her Yosemite getaway. Kelcie’s character goes missing, setting the stage for a suspenseful search mission led by her determined sibling, Jennifer. 

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Rob LaColla

Rob LaColla is a versatile actor and musician. His character, which is kept secret, gives a sense of mystery to the story. Even though details are still unclear, fans can expect Rob to make a big difference in how the story develops.

Jason Tobias

Jason Tobias graces the “Vanished in Yosemite” cast with his presence, although the intricacies of his character are yet to be unveiled. 


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In Yosemite, where the scenery is beautiful, Katrina and Jennifer’s perfect vacation takes an unexpected turn when they meet the charming Rick. Katrina is charmed by Rick’s mysterious appeal and thinks she has found her “Mr. Right.” But the story takes a scary turn when Katrina mysteriously disappears in the middle of the Yosemite wilderness. Jennifer thinks something is wrong and sets out on a desperate mission to save her sister from a terrible fate.

Release Date and Time:

The release date of Vanished in Yosemite is August 26, 2023, at 8 pm ET. 

Where to Watch Vanished in Yosemite?

You can watch Vanished in Yosemite on Lifetime on August 26, 2023.

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