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Here’s Where to Watch and Stream Luca Guadagnino’s Horror Romance ‘Bones and All’ Online

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Where to Watch Luca Guadagnino’s ‘Bones and All’: Ever since Luca Guadagnino and Timotheé Chalamet’s names got attached to the movie adaptation of Camille DeAngelis’s Alex Award-winning novel “Bones and All”, both the curiosity and expectation of the audience have been sky-high. This is not surprising, considering this happens to be the much-awaited reunion of Guadagnino and Chalamet after “Call Me by Your Name” (2017); a film that established Chalamet’s star status and Guadagnino as one of the best modern-day directors.

The Italian director, who has frequently worked with the legendary Tilda Swinton, made his debut with the 1999 crime thriller “The Protagonists” starring Swinton in the lead. He further went on to make movies like Melissa P (2005), I am Love (2010), and A Bigger Splash (2014). The latter two are part of his self-described “Desire” trilogy which reached the culmination with “Call Me by Your Name”, of course.

In 2018, Guadagnino further proved his directorial genius by making a very credible remake of the 1977 Dario Argento horror classic Suspiria, which was also his fourth collaboration with Swinton. Two years later, Guadagnino made his Television debut with HBO coming-of-age drama miniseries “We Are Who We Are” in which he directed all the episodes.

Where to Watch Bones & All

Two years after that, the director is back with what can easily become his most talked-about movie, in upcoming years. The official synopsis of “Bones and All” describes it as a love story between a young woman Maren and a drifter Lee, both with unavoidable cannibalistic impulses. This fascinating blend of erotica, horror, and romance premiered at the 79th Venice International Film Festival on September 2, where Guadagnino won the Silver Lion for best direction.


Apart from reuniting with his Call Me by Your Name star, Guadagnino is also collaborating with David Kajganich after Suspiria. Especially known for his work in the horror genre, Kajganich also wrote the screenplay of Guadagnino’s two earlier films, I am Love and A Bigger Splash as well. The Nine Inch Nails duo of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are scoring the music, making this their first project with the director.

The filming of “Bones and All” began in May 2021 and it was shot mostly around Chillicothe and Cincinnati, in the state of Ohio; which subsequently made this one the first film of Guadagnino which is entirely set in the United States. Due to several break-ins in the crew’s cars during the shooting in Cincinnati, a request for providing 50000 US dollars in funds for extra security was submitted by the producers; which was granted by the authority despite receiving criticisms over the use of taxpayer money for a private purpose.

Bones and All has received widespread critical acclaim, which can be seen on Rotten Tomatoes where it currently stands at 84% based on 160 reviews. Peter Bradshaw of Guardians has labeled it “extravagant and outrageous” and given a rare, perfect five-star rating.


Taylor Russell, star of the critically acclaimed Waves (2019) and Netflix’s Sci-fi series Lost in Space (2018-2021) has been cast to play Maren opposite Chalamet’s Lee. For her performance as Maren, she has already received the Marcello Mastroianni Award at Venice which is given to young emerging actors. With two pending lead actress nominations at the Gotham Independent Film Awards and Independent Spirit Awards, it seems like what “Call Me by Your Name” did for Chalamet is possibly what “Bones and All” is going to do for Russell.

Along with Russell and Chalamet, the movie stars Academy Award-winning veteran British actor Mark Rylance who is also playing a man with cannibalistic tendencies. Michael Stuhlbarg, who played Chalamet’s screen father in “Call Me by Your Name” is also coming back to join the cast.

Rounding off the acting ensemble are André Holland (Moonlight, The Knick), Chloë Sevigny (American Psycho, Zodiac), David Gordon Green (Red Oaks, The Righteous Gemstone), and Jessica Harper who has appeared in both Argento and Guadagnino’s Suspiria.


Post its Venice premiere, “Bones and All” was screened at several other prestigious film festivals including the BFI London. After a releasing in 5 theatres on November 18 and grossing 120000 us dollars, the movie opened worldwide on November 23 and is expected to make around 7-9 million dollars over the five-day opening weekend. At the Italian box office, it made a debut at the first position.

It is not available for streaming anywhere as of now, but thanks to MGM and United Artists Releasing’s mega-deal with Amazon studios in March 2022, it is very much likely to appear on Prime Video. We will update you as soon as we get to know the exact date of that.

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