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Watch Empire Of Light: Academy Award-winning director Sam Mendes moves far away from the style his more recent works have explored for his 2022 romantic drama Empire of light. Mendes has delved into action with his contributions to the Bond franchise, and his vision for all that war destroys has been well depicted in his 2019 war film 1917. Straying from his comfort zone, the director of “American Beauty” indulges his gifts in a story of human connection. “Empire Of Light” looks into emotional effervescence between troubled characters during a significant political time in England.


Just in time for the holidays and already surrounded by Oscar buzz, Empire Of Light tightens its impact with the Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins’ involvement in the project. Following 2005’s “Jarhead,” 2008’s “Revolutionary Road,” 2012’s “Skyfall,” and 2019’s “1917,” which won Deakins an Academy Award, “Empire Of Light” is the fifth project that Deakins has teamed up with Mendes for. Although the film has received mixed critical reviews, with Deakins in the mix, it is bound to be visually stunning, if anything.


Adding to the list of films that are essentially a homage to cinema as a whole, and this year’s Spielberg entry “The Fabelmans,” which also happens to be formed around the impact of cinema on human lives, “Empire Of Light” celebrates films as an art form. In the vision of Mendes, cinema not only distracts from the bitterness in life but aids in healing. Set in the time when Margaret Thatcher’s Britain was drowning in failing finances, recession, and racism in the country, Mendes’ characters find themselves battling their personal turbulences while being affected by the tumultuous political scene of 1980s England. Aside from directing, Mendes based some parts of the script on his own youth. 

Watch Empire Of Light

The film’s official synopsis reads, “A drama about the power of human connection during turbulent times, set in an English coastal town in the early 1980s.” In its essence, “Empire of light” is a story of human struggle juxtaposed with the burdens of the fictional The Empire theatre. Looking back at the vintage films that impacted the life of the employees who had more than enough to deal with as is, the film provides the suggestive atmosphere of cinema as the backdrop of lonely people finding love, friendship, and understanding. With romance being present as the central theme, “Empire Of Light” deals with the darker side of England in the post-Thatcher effect.


The film focuses mainly on Hilary, the woman who looks after the everyday business of The Empire theatre. Hilary is inherently lonely in her life and susceptible to the manager, Mr. Ellis’ exploitations. She even has an inappropriate sexual encounter with the married manager. Things start changing for Hilary when the charming new employee Stephen comes into her life. The two find comfort and solace in each other’s company in the midst of Hilary’s personal troubles and Stephen’s alarming encounter with racial hate crimes. 

In its endeavor to recreate the realistic scene of cinema back in the 80s, “Empire Of Light” looks back at several significant films that had a major effect on the landscape of cinema back then. David Lynch’s “The Elephant Man,” Bob Fosse’s “All That Jazz,” Sidney Poitiers’ “Stir Crazy,” and Hugh Hudson’s “Chariots Of Fire” are some of the classics that play a major role in the ongoing narrative of the film.


Empire Of Light Cast

Mendes’ romantic drama flaunts an impressive cast of award-winning names led by Olivia Colman playing Hilary. Oscar-winner actor Colin Firth plays the questionable manager, Mr. Ellis. To play the role of Stephen, the ensemble cast includes BAFTA-winner Michael Ward. Joining them for supporting roles are Toby Jones (Les Miserables), Tom Brooke (Sherlock), Crystal Clarke (Sanditon), and Tanya Moodie (Motherland). 

Where To Watch And Stream Empire Of Light Online?

You can now stream Empire of Light exclusively on HBO Max.


For audiences who are not subscribed to HBO Max, the title is also available to Buy/Rent on major VOD services like Amazon, Itunes, and VUDU beginning 7th Feb 2023. 

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