Watch Four Samosas Online: Ravi Kapoor’s Wes Anderson-inspired heist romance has made a lot of noise at the Tribeca Film Festival. Set in the Little India of Los Angeles, Four Samosas deals with a myriad of socio-economic complexities and presents the chaotic tale of a very ill-planned heist. With characters attempting to stand up as the flagbearers of the new world order that sees the cultural nuances of the South Asian and American identities coming together to coexist in acceptance, Four Samosas is to be an authentic representation of fascinating Little India. Best known for his acting performances in Ad Astra and Elementary, Kapoor’s latest is his second feature film, following his 2015 film Miss India America.


Kapoor said in an exclusive with Salon, “I always wanted to do a story set in Artesia, the Little India of Los Angeles, a place that fascinated me. It’s a very specific Little India, and it’s not like Queens or Jackson Heights in New York because It’s not as bustling — because of the heat of Southern California. Everything takes place inside the restaurants and sari stores.”

Evidently, Kapoor’s heist film will be subtle and focus more on the characters as the different stages of the poorly thought-out crime unfold. Instead of flashy stunts and choreographed action sequences, Four Samosas will observe how the heist brings out the individualities of the colorful characters. 

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The film will follow the wannabe rapper Vinny as his world comes crashing down with the news that his ex is now engaged. Vinny’s relationship with Rina effectively ended thanks to his wayward behavior and lack of aspirations. Now Rina is to marry someone else, and to Vinny’s horror, her fiance happens to be his archnemesis. Bad enough Vinny has to be bullied by him, but to lose the love of his wife to him just doesn’t sit right with Vinny. To set the score straight, Vinny hatches a plan to steal the diamonds Rina’s father has kept as her dowry. To carry out the heist comes together a group of four friends with absolutely no idea as to what they should do to pull it off successfully.


Is it a heist for snacks or diamonds? As seen in the trailer, the four criminal aspirants could not be worse at coming up with a proper plan. Ravi Kapoor wasn’t kidding about the inspiration he has drawn from Wes Anderson; the trailer itself proves that. 

Four Samosas Cast

The ensemble cast includes Ravi Kapoor himself to play the part of a priest. Indian-American comedian Venk Potula stars as the lovelorn Vinny. Potula is best known for his appearance in MTV’s improv comedy show Wild n’ Out. To play Vinny’s ex, who doesn’t seem to be completely over him, The Magicians star Summer Bishil joins the cast. Karan Soni plays the part of Vinny’s bully and rival, Sanjay.

Best known for his role as Dopinder in Deadpool and its sequel Deadpool 2, the Indian-American actor has established himself as a seasoned actor with a comedic caliber. The cast also includes Sharmita Bhattacharya (Grown-ish), Sonal Shah (Scrubs), and Meera Simhan (Anger Management). 

Where To Watch and Stream Four Samosas Online

After its screening at the Tribeca Film Festival, Four Samosas had a limited theatrical release on 2nd December 2022. Check Fandango to look for theatre listings near you.


Four Samosas is available for buying and renting on Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Itunes for those planning to stream it online. Since AMC Networks owns IFC Films, Four Samosas may be available for streaming on the AMC+ platform. As to when that will be, there has been no announcement yet. Keep an eye on this space for further updates on the same. 

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