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[Watch] Jaoon Kaha Bata Ae Dil (Netflix) Trailer – An Anti-romantic drama

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Filmmaker Aadish Keluskar and actor Rohit Kokate made their debut in a visceral philosophical Marathi-drama ‘Kaul- A Calling.’ They come back together for a nerve-wracking anti-romantic drama in the trailer for Netflix bound ‘Jaoon Kaha Bata Ae Dil’ which premiered at the Mumbai Film Festival 2018. The discomforting and disquieting conversation and dynamics between a mellowed woman and a fatalistic man had the audience divided at the film festival.

Jaaon Kaha Bata Ae Dil 2018 [dir. Aadish Keluskar]
Jaoon Kaha Bata Ae Dil 2018 [dir. Aadish Keluskar]
Courtesy @Film Companion

It is a fervor fever of maddening love filling the romantic walk with unabashed and unflinching discourse about romance, politics, and society. The interpersonal dynamics between two nameless characters (Khushboo Upadhyay and Rohit Kokate) is a beauty to behold – which often juggles between the sharp criticism of each other. Khushboo is mellow, kinder and soft-spoken while Rohit’s practical ideology borders cynicism, he is chauvinist and highly opinionated.

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Netflix has picked up the film for distribution and it would release on 9th August 2019. The official synopsis reads: “A couple’s caustic, increasingly jarring interactions over a Mumbai evening strain their relationship until it threatens to break at its fraying seams.”

You can watch the film on Netflix from 9th August.

Jaoon Kaha Bata Ae Dil Trailer Trailer

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