Watch the trailer of It Comes At Night : When Angels Deserve To Die

Trey Edwards Shults’s ‘It Comes At Night’ was being hyped as the scariest film of 2017, and you wouldn’t doubt it after watching the trailer. This is one of the best trailers I have seen in quite some time and with Shults and Joel Edgerton I do not suspect the movie of being completely opposite to the trailer, like most horror films lately. After the critical acclaim that came with his debut feature Krisha, Shults has borrowed elements and adopted for a conventional horror flick. Despite having a claustrophobic “cabin in the woods” setting and typical edgy relationships, it feels fresh owing to it’s choice of the “unknown”. We have had demonic possessions, ghosts or psychopathic stuff revealed in the trailers itself and this supernatural monster story looks like a great deviation from the mainstream. Considering the lack of exposition, I can only assume that the world outside has fallen prey to a disaster and characters are unaware of the situation, despite being a part of it, physically. The pacing of the shots look terrific, and the oblivious nature of the protagonist does make it effective. Only check it out if you think you can handle its lust for horror!