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Watch The Trailer Of Suburbicon : The Coen Brothers Are Back With A Bang.

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The Coen Brothers are back. But there’s something that bothers me. There’s a lot of bang, quirky looking characters, erratic arrangement of scenes, total chaos and material that satirizes the concept of a “peaceful” suburban community. Though the Coens are very adamant when it comes to detailing, I think they might’ve just given a pass to long-time collaborator George Clooney to handle this as a director. On the first look, ‘Suburbicon’, interesting name frankly and a probable reference to H.P.Lovecraft’s Necronomicon, does look like a blown out of proportions dark comedy, somewhere along the lines of ‘Burn After Reading’ rather than ‘Fargo’. This promises a return to the comical side Damon possesses, displayed vehemently in ‘The Informant’, where he gets embroiled in a similar fight with some powerful people. The trailer barely gives away anything apart from the tonal variations in the movie, there’s a noticeable difference that can be observed between this and a typical Coen film. Coens usually have an underdeveloped premise with ordinary looking characters and move ahead with the pacing of a noir film. Their best films are minimalist, as to how they revolve around certain characters only. Clooney’s influence can be seen in the film’s intention to target a “community”, and this is a very tricky job as directors have buckled under the absurdity of the Coens’ script. But this is the first peek into the film, and only further trailers can confirm our doubts as true or false.

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