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Ways to Enhance Your Movie Experience

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Throughout the years, the movie industry has pushed all of its limits in order to come up with better visuals, CGI, and so on. Naturally, they did so to enhance the viewers’ experience when watching movies.

For instance, while the 00’s amazed us with movies being filmed on location, the 2020s do the same thing with the help of top-notch CGI, among many others. But there’s much more to a movie than just visuals. And by more, we mean things that you can do yourself in order to enhance your movie experience!

Get Yourself a Soundbar

One of the best features you can enjoy in a cinema is the sound. Obviously, you won’t be able to replicate the rumbling of a cinema sound system at home, but you can get a fraction of it without breaking the bank.

We’re talking about those little nifty soundbars that have become more and more popular recently. They are less expensive than surround-sound systems and usually come with exceptional sound quality. Naturally, the quality is better than the one of a TV.

Get Your Mood On

For some movies, people usually recommend others getting a bit groggy or even high while watching them. But this doesn’t apply to all movies out there. However, what applies are often feelings of anxiety and stress. In other words, some of us can never stop thinking about other things while watching a movie.

This can be easily solved with the help of an organic CBD tincture. Such a product doesn’t get you all trippy but calms you down and lets you enjoy a movie properly.

Camera, Sound, Action(?)

Do you see what’s missing here? Obviously, it’s the lights. Believe it or not, light can play a major role when it comes to watching your favorite movie. Let’s keep in mind that a cinema screen lets a lot of light flow out, around the room. But you might not get the same effect at home if you have a small or dim screen.

Our solution comes in the form of multi-colored LED strips that are used as a backlight for your TVs and monitors. There are manufacturers who design such LED strips mainly for TV use, so you won’t be doing something out of the ordinary.

What’s the best part? Well, thanks to a small sensor mounted on the top of your screen, the LED lights will react to the movie colors and change accordingly!

Become a TV Settings’ Master

There’s nothing worse you can do when it comes to watching a movie than watching it with basic, default TV/video settings. Even though some movies are presented with a color preset, sometimes it helps to know your way around changing the temperature or overall mood of a movie.

Learn your TV settings or the ones of your video streaming software/platform and play around a bit before hitting play for good.

The Bottom Line

Psst! Don’t forget to have your snacks ready – all of them! Nobody wants to get up, pause the movie for everyone else – or pause at all – just to go back to the kitchen and whip up some snacks.

Who cares if you’re surrounded by 3 bowls of popcorn? It’s better to be safe than sorry. While snacks are important, don’t forget the tips we mentioned above either. They will certainly enhance your movie-watching experience!

Author: James Hunt

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