We Were the Lucky Ones (Series Finale), Episode 8 Preview: There is finally an end to the epic story of the Kurc family in the much-anticipated ending of “We Were the Lucky Ones.” As the war gets worse in Europe, the fate of the people who are spread out is in danger. In Warsaw, where there is war, Halina’s future is unknown after she is arrested, while Adam, Mila, and Bella desperately try to escape the destruction. 

The sounds of the Home Army’s loss can be heard all over the city, making people lose hope. Here’s the “We Were the Lucky Ones” episode 8 preview that covers everything you need to know.

What happened in We Were the Lucky Ones Episode 7?

  • Addy has trouble because his family hasn’t talked to him in a while, and he thinks they’re dead.
  • He shows sadness and anger about the Holocaust in a bar, which leads to a fight.
  • He later finds comfort and inspiration in Madame Lowbeer.
  • Addy meets Caroline, who could be a possible love interest.
  • Belle works in a store, while Halina is a maid.
  • They find out that Poland is being heavily bombed, and fighting is going on.
  • The fight between the Home Army and the Germans gets tougher.
  • Felicia hides at the convent under the name Barbara because she doesn’t know who she is.
  • Meets up with Selim, who is also a Jewish doctor.
  • After being apart for months, they write letters to their families.
  • Someone who knows who Halina really is is threatening to hurt her.
  • The battle against the Germans is lost by the Home Army.
  • Rahel dies in battle with the Germans.
  • Soldiers arrest Halina while she is on her way to Krakow.
  • The convent is a safe place for Adam and Mila to find Felicia.
  • Adam and Halina find a place to hide from airstrikes.
  • As Genec fights on the front lines, his faith, and Hebrew prayers give him strength.
  • Adam, Mila, Halina, and Jakob are going to get together again the next day.
  • The show ends on a cliffhanger, so we don’t know what will happen to them.

Where can I stream We Were the Lucky Ones (Series Finale), Episode 8?

You can stream “We Were the Lucky Ones” episode 8 on Hulu.

Release date & time:

The release date of “We Were the Lucky Ones” episode 8 is May 2, 2024. The estimated release time is:

  • 9:01 P.M. – PT (Pacific Standard Time)
  • 12:01 A.M. – ET (Eastern Standard Time)
  • 5:01 P.M. – BST (British Summer Time)
  • 6:01 P.M. – CEST (Central European Standard Time)

What to expect from We Were the Lucky Ones (Series Finale), Episode 8?

Here’s what you might expect in “We Were the Lucky Ones” episode 8:

  • What will happen to Halina now that she has been arrested is uncertain.
  • Likely, Adam, Mila, and Bella are in danger as they try to get out of Warsaw.
  • We will learn more about what happened after the Home Army lost.
  • Adam and Mila need to figure out what to do with Felicia now that they know she is safe.
  • It will probably continue to be hard for her to hide the fact that she is Jewish.
  • Genec’s journey on the front lines is going to get harder.
  • During the war, he might have to deal with physical and mental pain.
  • Addy and Caroline might keep building a life together in Rio.
  • He still has a chance of hearing good news about his family.
  • The episode might help the players get through their problems.
  • Even though the ending may be sad, there is a chance that the remaining family members will get together again.

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