How to Watch Alcarràs?: This official Spanish entry to the 95th Academy Awards is not your ordinary everyday film. Every once in a while, we need a film that makes us step back and think about our values and roots and where we come from. Directed by Carla Simón, this film is about the Solè family, who have been working in the farms of the Catalan town of Alcarras for generations. Weaved through the love and unity of families during times of crisis, this film is very close to Carla, who herself is a resident of a small village in Catalan.

Alcarràs follows the story of the Sole family, who have been in the same place for generations harvesting peaches every season. Now the farm has a farmer named Quimet who manages the farm while also looking after his family of a wife and teenage children.

While he’s toiling away, making sure the harvest is perfect, the market plays its trick, and the farm owners are ready to sell the land for the installation of Solar Panels. The film is all about how he manages this crisis while keeping his family from falling apart.

The struggle of a farmer may be something most of us have not experienced, but the film turns out to be brutally relatable.

Alcarràs Cast:

The cast of Alcarràs is the USP of the film. All the featured actors are nonprofessionals delivering something very raw and realistic. Starring in the film are Jordi Pujol Dolcet, who plays Quimet, the farmer; Anna Otín, playing his wife Dolors; Albert Bosch plays his helpful son Roger; Xénia Roset plays his teenage daughter preparing for a talent show; and the youngest is played by Ainet Jounou who loves to play in abandoned cars with her two cousins.

Jacob Diarte plays the landlord, who curtly informs Quimet of the solar panel deal. This raw portrayal of genuine characters by nonprofessional actors makes the audience connect with the film. The story of a very tight-knit family going through a crisis that might lead to the loss of the place they have called home for ages is what makes the story worth checking out.

Where to Watch and Stream ‘Alcarràs’ Online?

Alcarràs premiered on 15th February 2022 at 72nd Berlinale to great reviews and won the prestigious Golden Bear. It was also selected as the official Spanish entry for the 95th Academy Award. After a successful run at various film festivals, MUBI (which has nabbed the distribution rights for the movie) will release it in limited theatres across the US on January 6th, 2023. You can check the theatre listing or book tickets on Fandango.

As far as streaming is concerned, audiences don’t have to wait too long as it is going to release on MUBI’s OTT platform on 24th February 2023.

Watch the trailer Here:

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