Where to Watch ‘Cat Person’?: “Cat Person” is a mystery thriller based on a controversial New Yorker story. Its unique take on the dangers of modern dating is sure to keep people interested. This movie is a must-see for cinephiles because it stars Emilia Jones and has a great supporting cast. 

“Cat Person” takes us on a wild ride through the complicated relationships of today. The story is about Margot, who Emilia Jones plays. While working at a movie theater, she meets a guy who seems to be very nice. At first, Margot was attracted to him because of how charming he was and how much he likes cats. But after a disappointing and uncomfortable meeting with him, her joy takes a dark turn. She starts to wonder if anything he has ever told her is true. Does he really have cats, or was this just a way to look less scary? What started out as a cute love comedy quickly turns into a scary and darkly funny horror story.

Emilia Jones plays the part of Margot. She is a growing star in Hollywood because of her work in “Coda,” which won an Oscar. Jones shows how versatile she is as an actor in ‘Cat Person,’ and she gives Margot a lot of depth. Nicholas Braun, who gained recognition through the acclaimed series ‘Succession,’ steps into the character of Robert. His experience in both television and film, including projects like ‘Sky High’ and ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower,’ adds a layer of intrigue to his portrayal of Robert in ‘Cat Person.’

Geraldine Viswanathan, known for her role in the TBS comedy ‘Miracle Workers,’ plays the role of Margot’s friend Taylor. Her previous work in ‘The Beanie Bubble’ and her upcoming project with Ethan Coen’s ‘Drive Away Dolls’ highlight her talents as an actress. In ‘Cat Person,’ Viswanathan adds depth and relatability to the character of Taylor.

Isabella Rossellini, a veteran actress with a remarkable career, takes on the role of Dr. Enid Zabala. Her past collaborations with directors like David Lynch and her recent work in films like ‘Joy’ and ‘Marcel the Shell with Shoes On’ showcase her exceptional acting prowess. In ‘Cat Person,’ Rossellini brings a wealth of experience to her character.

Where to Watch and Stream ‘Cat Person’ Online?

While anticipation for ‘Cat Person’ continues to build, knowing where and when you can watch this highly anticipated film is crucial. The movie will enjoy a theatrical release, providing an immersive cinematic experience for audiences.

However, it’s essential to note that ‘Cat Person’ will not be available for streaming on the same day as its theatrical release. As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the streaming service that will host the film. To keep you informed, we speculate that ‘Cat Person’ will likely be available for streaming on Netflix in mid-November.

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