Where to Watch and Stream ‘Past Lives’ starring Greta Lee?

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Where to Watch ‘Past Lives’?: The Sundance Film Festival has a long history of presenting the world premieres of extraordinary films, many of which have gone on to win nominations for the Academy Awards. “Past Lives,” directed by Celine Song and starring Greta Lee, Teo Yoo, and John Magaro, emerged as the undisputed winner of this year’s competition. The film has generated early hype for the Oscars, and its inventive storytelling has attracted audiences. 

Past Lives covers the lives of Nora and Hae Sung, who were best friends growing up. However, as a result of the circumstances, they were forced to part ways and live their lives in separate nations. While Nora is currently living in the United States and having a wonderful relationship, Hae Sung is still based in South Korea. The idea of In-Yun, which Nora initially presents, ends up playing a significant role in the story.

The significance of In-Yun starts to become clear even if it was initially written off as a Korean courtship strategy. It is impossible to deny the profound connection that Nora and Hae Sung share after they are reunited after all these years. According to Nora’s explanation, the idea suggests that multiple layers of fate can be triggered by anything as insignificant as a casual brush of garments between two strangers on the street.

An emotional reunion between Nora and Hae Sung takes place in New York, where the two of them go on to spend a week together. They are forced to confront topics such as fate, love, and the decisions that shape a person’s life as a result of this reunion. The movie does an amazing job of capturing the essence of a modern romance, and it’s full of moments that will break your heart.

The film’s representation of love and sorrow is delicate throughout. The movie does not sugarcoat the suffering and anguish that can accompany a love that has been lost. It also provides an upbeat message about the transformative potential of human connection. Greta Lee and Teo Yoo provide wonderfully calm performances as Nora and Hae Sung, respectively. They bring the characters to life in a way that is both tragic and joyful, which is a testament to the undeniable chemistry that exists between them.

Past Lives has made a big splash in the movie world, with critics praising its unique story and strong acting. The critics’ rating for Past Lives on Rotten Tomatoes is 97 based on 196 reviews. The Critics Consensus reads, “A remarkable debut for writer-director Celine Song, Past Lives uses the bonds between its sensitively sketched central characters to support trenchant observations on the human condition.”

Where to Watch & Stream ‘Past Lives’ Online?

Currently, A24, the production company behind “Past Lives,” has not disclosed the streaming release date. It’s likely that the movie will be available for streaming on the newly rebranded Paramount+ with Showtime. This platform is where A24’s recent titles are typically available for streaming.

Alternatively, if you prefer to own the film digitally, Past Lives can now be purchased on various VOD platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, and Prime Video. 

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