Where To Stream ‘PSYCHO-PASS: Providence’?: PSYCHO-PASS is a shining example of excellence in the world of anime. There is no denying that it is a masterpiece, especially for those who have explored the complex storyline of the saga to its entirety. 

The much anticipated film PSYCHO-PASS: Providence, which is the continuation of the narrative, invites fans and people who are interested in science fiction to go on an exciting adventure. If you want to watch PSYCHO-PASS: Providence, then we have good news for you. After its theatrical run, it is now available to stream online. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the plot of PSYCHO-PASS: Providence?

In January 2118, a ship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that was protecting Professor Milicia Stronskaya was attacked by a paramilitary group known as the Peacebreakers. Kai, who is one of the top agents, kills Stronskaya while trying to find her research called the Stronskaya papers. 

But then, Shinya Kogami, who is now a special investigator for the Suppressing Action Department of Foreign Affairs, stops Kai from doing anything else. However, Kogami couldn’t stop the Peacebreakers because he was attacked by a SAD agent who seemed to be brainwashed.

What is the release date of ‘PSYCHO-PASS: Providence’?

In Japan, PSYCHO-PASS: Providence had its big opening in theaters on May 12, which was truly magical. After crossing the Pacific, the movie excitement made its way to the US and Canada on July 14. Fans in Australia saw the movie on July 13, but those in the UK and Ireland had to wait until August 2 to see how great it was in motion pictures.

Is ‘PSYCHO-PASS: Providence’ still available in theaters?

No, PSYCHO-PASS: Providence is currently not available in theaters. However, no need to worry because now you can stream it online from your home. So if you missed the movie in theaters, here’s another opportunity for you to continue the PSYCHO-PASS story.

Where to stream ‘PSYCHO-PASS: Providence’ online?

PSYCHO-PASS: Providence is now available on Crunchyroll. Like many other great anime, PSYCHO-PASS: Providence found a home on Crunchyroll a few months after it came out in theaters. Fans can now enter this fascinating world through the streaming service, which lets them watch the movie whenever they want.


If you’re feeling a little unsure about the complex aspects of the PSYCHO-PASS world, Crunchyroll is here to help you out. A recap video, which has been carefully made, gives a fast reminder and a crash course for both enthusiastic fans and newbies. 

Before starting the Providence adventure, you should first familiarise yourself with this recap. This will help you smoothly transition into the world of Akane and Shinya.

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