Where to Watch ‘The Creator’?: In the ever-changing world of movies and entertainment, it’s important for cinephiles and casual watchers alike to know where to see the newest movies. Gareth Edwards, who is known for his skill as a director for movies like “Rogue One,” has done it again with his latest work, “The Creator.” 

John David Washington’s work has been nothing but amazing, and it’s only gotten better since he played a major role in the critically acclaimed movie “BlacKkKlansman” (2018). He continued to amaze viewers with his role in Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending thriller “Tenet” (2020). In “The Creator,” David Washington plays Joshua, a man who is trying to figure out how to live with AI. One of his most powerful lines is, “They’re not people, Maya. It’s just programming.”

The Creator has a group full of big names, which makes it even more appealing to movie fans. Gemma Chan, who is known for her role in “Eternals,” which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is one of the well-known stars in the movie. Also, actress Allison Janney, who won an Oscar for her role in “I, Tonya,” brings her amazing skills to this sci-fi drama.

What is The Creator about?

The story of “The Creator” is all about Joshua, who the talented John David Washington plays. Joshua ends up in a world called “Dystopia,” where he has to face a powerful enemy called “The Creator.” This thing is a very powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a weapon that could wipe out all of humanity. The stakes get even higher when Joshua finds out that The Creator’s harmful plans can be stopped with the help of an AI child, played by an up-and-coming actress named Madeleine Yuna Voyles.

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The original trailer for “The Creator,” which came out on July 17, gives a sneak peek into the movie’s universe. The trailer shows that the story takes place in a futuristic society where humans and AI are at odds with each other. The trailer looks amazing and seems to be based on Edwards’s previous hit, “Rogue One.” It shows a world with advanced technology that looks a lot like the Star Wars universe.

“Whose side are you on?” is one of the most important questions asked in the trailer. This question draws people in and gets them thinking about the moral problems and allegiances that will be raised in the movie. Set to the evocative sounds of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” and accompanied by the famous Hans Zimmer’s intense and immersive score, the trailer is a visual treat for fans of sci-fi movies.

In “The Creator,” the audience is immersed in a future war where humans and AI clash in a battle for supremacy. Joshua, a battle-hardened ex-special forces agent grappling with the mysterious disappearance of his wife, is thrust into a mission of paramount importance. His mission is to track down and eliminate “The Creator,” the enigmatic architect of advanced AI technology who wields a weapon capable of ending the war and all of humanity. As Joshua and his elite team venture deep into AI-occupied territory, they make a startling revelation—the world-ending weapon they were tasked to destroy is, in fact, an AI in the guise of a young child.

Where to Watch & Stream The Creator Online?

You can watch The Creator exclusively on Hulu on Wednesday, December 20, 2023.

Where to rent or buy The Creator?

You can rent or buy The Creator on platforms like Amazon, VUDU, Apple TV, and YouTube.

The Creator Review

In his The Creator Review, Shikhar says, “The Creator eventually lands into cliche alien-invasion tropes where a savior protects a great weapon, takes it to point B, and then does the bigger deed. The execution is also so dreaded and bland that none of its rather breathtaking setpieces feel like they are thrilling enough to hold you with batted breaths. The overall arc where Taylor finds his humanity via his experience with a non-human becomes increasingly convoluted, and the underpinning never truly understands how to lead him to a climatic showdown.”

Watch the trailer here:

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