Relationships make us human. From the day we’re born to the day we are laid back to rest eternally, all that keeps us going are these strange connections we make. Families are one of them. Fathers and mothers and daughters and sons have to be some of the most intricate relationships that we ever forge in our lifetime. We don’t choose our parents, they are just there and we spend the entirety of our lives trying to understand them through different times and phases of our lives. It is quite interesting and tough to showcase these raw emotions on a 70mm screen in a limited amount of time, but some of the movies have done so with elan. One such movie has to be “Aftersun”, which is dubbed as one of the best movies of the year so far this year. It is a story of a father-daughter relationship through the lens of a daughter’s memories.

The directorial debut of Charlotte Wells, who also wrote the film, the movie tells the story of a woman named Sophie, who reminisces about a summer vacation she took in Turkey when she was 11 with her father Calum. Her mother and him are separated and the duo is taking their time off to spend some quality time together before they both grow older. Her father being a young parent is often mistaken as her older brother, but sometimes he even behaves so. Most of the narrative takes place in a laid-back resort as they try to connect and have fun. The film showcases the intricacies of a father-daughter relationship through their haphazard vacation.

Frankie Corio  & Paul Mescal as young Sophie and Calum are perfect in the movie. Their portrayal of the characters seems very honest and the audience can feel the emotions they showcase on the screen. Charlotte Wells is being lauded everywhere for being one of the strongest debuts as a director. It is her sense of writing and then making the film that has left many people astonished. Her phenomenal job on the directorial front be it handling the actors, camerawork, editing, sound and everything else makes this film worthy of all the praise it’s receiving.

Where to watch and stream ‘Aftersun’ Online? 

After receiving a Grand Premier at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival where it won a jury award, A24 is all set to release the Aftersun in a limited capacity across the USA on 21st October 2022. You can check theatre listings or book tickets over at Fandango.

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As far as streaming is concerned, there are no updates about when and where Aftersun will stream online. However, one can assume that Showtime will be the first one to stream the title because of the deal that A24 made with the streaming company for all its non-Apple titles. In addition to that, MUBI bought the rights to the movie out of Cannes so, outside the USA, Aftersun will eventually find a place alongside other cults classic and contemporary favorites on MUBI.

Streaming Update:

Aftersun is available to Stream on MUBI.

Watch the Aftersun trailer here: 

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