How to Watch Babylon?: You can tell that Damien Chazelle has a knack for telling stories in his own unique way. If the success of his 2014 indie film ‘Whiplash’ was not enough, he went on to make a grand letter to Hollywood and the dream that is LA in the 2016 film ‘La La Land.’ While it has since been constantly remembered as the film that was wrongly announced as the Best Picture Oscar winner, ultimately losing the big trophy to Moonlight, no one can forget that it took home a bag full of awards, including a much-deserved Best Director Oscar for Chazelle himself.

He has since established himself as a unique voice that can tell tales that seem small in scope but wide in conviction. However, his latest film, Babylon, feels like a quiet departure from the tone that set La La Land apart. Here, we find him scavenging through a darker side of Hollywood. While details have been kept under wraps, one can assume that his latest stint will explore Hollywood from the other side of the road. The official synopsis of the film reads, “A tale of outsized ambition and outrageous excess, it traces the rise and fall of multiple characters during an era of unbridled decadence and depravity in early Hollywood.”

The first look that was revealed clued us into a coak-ed-up Hollywood that is set in the 1920s. Many people have compared it to The Wolf of Wall Street, and the 3-hour long runtime ensures a dark take on what inspiring artists who want to make their dreams come true eventually end up doing on being rejected. The initial look makes it feel like a film about excess, leading to a life of absolute anarchic madness.

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After the first initial premiere for the press on December 15th, 2022, Babylon went on to receive polarizing reactions from critics. With the reviews pouring in earlier this month, Babylon has been called both ‘exhausting’ & ‘insistently alive.’ Currently standing at a 58% Rotten Tomatoes score, the website’s consensus reads, “Babylon’s overwhelming muchness is exhausting, but much like the industry it honors, its well-acted, well-crafted glitz and glamour can often be an effective distraction.”

Babylon Cast:

The cast of Babylon is headlined by Margot Robbie, who plays Nellie LaRoy. The first look of the film has people drawing a parallel with the character Robbie played in Wolf of Wall Street but looking at the graph the actress’ career has taken; we can expect the unexpected. Robbie was last seen in David O. Russel’s ‘Amsterdam’ this year.

She is ably supported by a cast of incredible actors, particularly Diego Calva, who plays Manny Torres. Calva has been unanimously praised for his role in the film – even by people who haven’t taken a liking for Chazelle’s film. Audiences may know Calva from the Mexican drama ‘I Promise You Anarchy.’ This is his first major role.

Other people in the cast include Brad Pitt (last seen in ‘Bullet Train’), Olivia Wilde (last seen in her directorial venture ‘Don’t Worry Darling’), Jean Smart (Garden State), Tobey Maguire (The Great Gatsby), Li Jun Li (The Excorcist) and Jovan Adepo (Fences).

Where to Watch and Stream ‘Babylon’ Online?

Babylon is now available to Rent/Buy on VOD services like Amazon Prime, Itunes, VUDU, etc.

As far as streaming is concerned, there has yet to be an update about when and where the movie will stream online. However, since Paramount Pictures is distributing the movie, chances are it will eventually land on Paramount+.

Watch the Trailer Here:

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