Queer people have been on the sidelines of society for a very long time. Forced to live double lives, they often conceal who they really are. They are people like us who did nothing wrong but just loved someone society didn’t want them to. The story of Jean in the British Queer Period film “Blue Jean” is a reminder of that same narrative. Directed and written by Georgia Oakley, the film follows Jean a closeted lesbian teacher in the 80s.

Jean is a PE teacher in Margaret Thatcher’s Britain in the 80s when the government is about to pass the stigmatizing Section 28 of the Local Government Act, which implied that local governments could not promote homosexuality in any way. Jean being a lesbian in that era, leads a dual life. At home, she has a loving girlfriend, Viv, but at school, she has to pretend to be a straight woman. Her life changes when a new student, Lois, joins the school. In a time like that, the entry of Lois threatens her job and relationship, and how she deals with all that without losing herself to the standards of society is what the film is all about. 

Director and Writer Georgia Oakley has been praised throughout the film community for this splendid debut. The lead cast of the film is Rosy McEwen as Jean, Kerrie Hayes as Viv, Lucy Halliday as Lois, along with Lydia Page, Lainey Shaw, and Stacey Abalogun have made this film a gem. Especially the performance by Rosy McEwen as Jean is commended by the general audience and critics alike. The film also won the People’s Choice Award at Venice Film Festival, where it premiered on Sept 3, 2022. After winning several awards, the film is finally released in the US.

The film, Blue Jean, received positive reviews from film critics. According to review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, 94% of 70 critics gave the film a positive review with an average rating of 7.9/10. The website’s critical consensus details that the film successfully connects past and present societal issues, resonating both intellectually and emotionally, thanks to thoughtful direction and authentic performances. Metacritic also gave the film a high rating of 89 out of 100, based on 12 reviews, indicating “universal acclaim.” Overall, Blue Jean is a critically acclaimed film that resonates with audiences both intellectually and emotionally. 

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Where to Watch and Stream “Blue Jean” Online?

Currently, the only way to watch Blue Jean is in a movie theatre. The film was released in limited theatres across the US on June 9th, 2023, by Magnolia Pictures. For theatre listings, you can visit the Fandango website.

There’s no official information on the streaming release date for the film. Still, we can expect the film to be available to buy/rent on Video-on-Demand services like Amazon, VUDU, and iTunes after its 45-day theatrical run in August 2023.

As far as subscription-based streaming is concerned, Magnolia Pictures has not made any announcement about which streaming platform “Blue Jean” will be playing on. However, in the UK, the film is available to stream on Prime Video. So one can expect it to land on Amazon Prime Video US as well. Till then, watch out for this space for future updates.

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