Where to Watch & Stream the new LBGTQ+ comedy movie ‘Bottoms’ starring Rachel Sennott?

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Where to Watch ‘Bottoms’?: In the busy world of high school, the new comedy film Bottoms gives us a chance to look at things from a different angle. With a good story and a skilled cast, this movie will surely win people’s hearts and send a message beyond laughter. Bottoms follows PJ (played by Rachel Sennott) and Josie (played by Ayo Edebiri), two queer teens, as they deal with the challenges of high school and go on an unexpected trip. This piece details the film’s intriguing plot, cast, and crew and where it might be available to stream.

Bottoms shows how high school can be funny, heartfelt, and slightly rebellious. Josie and PJ, who are both gay, are not at the top of the high school social order. They want to stand out and get the attention of the girls they like. So they devise an unusual plan: start a fight club. What starts out as a way to teach girls at school how to defend themselves turns into a funny adventure that neither of them could have seen coming.

The creative force behind the movie can’t be denied, as it was made by a group of skilled people who know how to tell a visual story.  Bottoms was co-written and executive-produced by Rachel Seligman, who also takes on the role of director. Seligman’s experience comes through, as she has worked with Rachel Sennott before on “Shiva Baby,” which was praised for being real and funny. The way the two work together makes me think that the movie will be a masterful mix of humor and feeling.

Bottoms has a great supporting cast that makes the story more interesting and makes the movie memorable. In addition, Rachel Sennott, Ruby Cruz, Kaia Gerber, Punkie Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Havana Rose Liu, Miles Fowler, and Dagmara Dominiczyk all have roles in the movie. The movie is able to reach a wide audience because of how well these stars play their roles.

Bottoms doesn’t hold back when it comes to talking about the problems LGBTQ+ people face, especially in high school. When Josie and PJ hear an insulting message about “the ugly, untalented gays,” they show that they are strong and determined. Their plans to win over their crushes take surprising turns, leading to the creation of the fight club, which is the main plot of the movie. Bottoms is funny but has a serious message about being proud of who you are and standing up to discrimination.

Where to Watch & Stream ‘Bottoms’ Online?

As viewers eagerly anticipate the release of “Bottoms,” there is curiosity about where the film will be available for streaming. Right now, the only way to watch the film is in theaters.

While no official streaming plans have been announced, a strong possibility exists that the film will find its home on Prime Video. Amazon’s acquisition of MGM Studios in 2021 has led to a wide range of MGM properties becoming part of the Prime Video library. This includes access to various MGM catalog titles, making it likely that Bottoms will also join the collection in the future.

Watch the trailer here:

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