He is most famous for playing the character of the stormtrooper Finn, in the Star Wars’ Sequel trilogy, but John Boyega while delving his hands in blockbusters, he is also an indie film mainstay, having starred in films like Attack the Block and Detroit. He had won a Golden Globe for his performance in “Red, White and Blue”, as part of the anthology miniseries Small Axe. Most recently he was the lead in the 2021 film Naked Singularity, and he is also scheduled to appear in Viola Davis’ The Woman King, later this year. Breaking is the directorial debut of Abi Damras Corbin. Originally titled “892”, it stars Boyega as Brian Brown-Easley, a former Lance Corporal of the Marines who upon returning home to his family after serving in Kuwait and Iraq, is diagnosed with PTSD.

When his monthly disability check from the Department of Veteran Affairs, fails to come through, and his issue is not being resolved, Brown-Easley plans to rob a Wells-Fargo Bank, claiming he is carrying explosives in his backpack. Breaking is also notable for being one of the final appearances of Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, The Night Of, Lovecraft Country) as Eli Bernard, the police officer trying to negotiate the resulting hostage situation at the bank with Easley.

Based on the 2018 Talk & Purpose Article “They Didn’t Have to Kill Him” by Aaron Gell, Breaking was released on January 2022 at the Sundance Film Festival to a mostly positive reception. The Rotten Tomatoes consensus statesBreaking struggles to effectively convey its messages, but its noble intentions are well served by John Boyega’s electrifying performance.”

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Where to watch and stream the 2022 Movie “Breaking” Online

Currently, “Breaking” is not streaming anywhere online. After winning the Special Jury Award for Ensemble Cast in the US Dramatic Film Competition at the Sundance Film Festival under its original title “892”, its distribution rights were acquired by Bleecker Street on February 1st 2022, with a US theatrical release date of 26th of August, 2022.

As per Bleecker Street’s current agreement with Showtime, they will broadcast their movies on-air, on-demand, and via streaming services for five months after their initial release. Pursuant to that, it is expected to release online by late December or mid-January, unless announced earlier.

Watch the Breaking (2022) Trailer:

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