Where to Stream ‘Bring Him to Me’?: Bring Him to Me is a 2023 action/mystery thriller movie that revolves around a getaway driver who is assigned the task of transporting an unsuspecting passenger to an ambush execution under the orders of his boss. Barry Pepper portrays the character of a driver whose morality and loyalty are put to the test when he navigates through this perilous challenge. The passenger, portrayed by Jamie Costa, is cheerful and too optimistic not knowing what lies ahead for him.

The movie is directed by Luke Sparke and stars Sam Neill, Barry Pepper, Jamie Costa, Liam McIntyre, and Rachel Griffiths. It fits the neo-noir, drama, and criminal genres and explores topics of moral conflict and loyalty, with a focus on character development. It’s also been compared to films such as Nightcrawler and Drive.

What is ‘Bring Him to Me’ about?

Bring Him to Me is a crime thriller that explores the dark criminal underworld and focuses on the psychological aspects of its characters. The story revolves around Barry Pepper’s character, a seasoned getaway driver who is controlled by Rachel Griffiths, a ruthless mobster. On the mafia boss’s orders, he is tasked with escorting an unsuspecting crew member (played by Jamie Costa) to an ambush. As he struggles with his unwillingness to complete the task, especially because of his affection for the passenger, the driver’s conscience and devotion are put to the test. 

The film has received praise from critics for breaking from conventional thrillers with its character-driven approach, gripping tension, and distinctive focus on loyalty and moral challenges. Its powerful performances and striking visual components have drawn attention. The main setting for Bring Him to Me is a car, which represents both captivity and freedom. With much of the action taking place within the car, the film makes use of this setting to create a dark, enigmatic atmosphere. The movie also has driving sequences through deserted cities, which heightens the suspense and atmosphere of the narrative.

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‘Bring Him to Me’ Release Date

Bring Him to Me was released in cinemas in Australia and New Zealand on November 2, 2023. In the United States, the movie was released on January 19, 2024, in limited theaters and on the Internet.

Is ‘Bring Him to Me’ available in theaters?

Yes, Bring Him to Me is available in limited theaters in the United States.

Where to Stream ‘Bring Him to Me’ Online?

As of now, Bring Him to Me is not available on streaming platforms. The movie had a limited theatrical release in cinemas in the US on January 19, 2024. It may become available on streaming platforms in the future.

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