How to Watch Cirkus?: A Rohit Shetty movie on Christmas doesn’t have any particular significance, but that is what you’re having this year. If you are a Shetty fan, it is Christmas for you whenever his opulence graces the big screen.

Shetty, who started his journey as a filmmaker back in 2003 with the much-restrained action thriller Zameen changed his gear to a much commercial, masala potboiler approach from his second film, Golmaal: Fun Unlimited, which brought him the first taste of box office success. From there on, Shetty continued to amp up the scale of his gigantic commercial style with each passing film and eventually established his name as a leading Bollywood director. Most of his works have been huge box office successes, which has only provided him more confidence to stick to his signature style, even if that has reached the point of fatigue with the changing landscape of Indian cinema.

The first rule of watching a Rohit Shetty film is to leave your brain at home. If you do that, he promises to entertain with high-scale action and rib-tickling comedy soaked in vibrant bright colors, and his rate of delivering on that promise is almost 100 percent.

Although Cirkus is based on William Shakespeare’s iconic play “Comedy of Errors,” we can safely say that it is more Shetty than Shakespeare. Of course, the same play has been adapted by Indian filmmakers before; and Manu Sen’s “Bhranti Bilas,” starring the legendary Mahanayak Uttam Kumar and Bhanu Bandopadhyay, has been the greatest of them all, without a doubt.

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Unfortunately for Cirkus, though, Shetty’s formula has not worked out, based on the initial reports we are getting. Neither the critics nor the audience has warmed up to the film, which is all over the place and not funny at all, as opposed to what it is supposed to be. But still, it has every chance of eventually becoming a box office success as Shetty has a very loyal fanbase who would take anything their beloved director throws at them.


Ranveer Singh, arguably the most energetic Hindi cinema superstar at the moment, is playing the dual role of twins. Funny man Varun Sharma is also playing twins alongside Singh.

Supporting the two are a galore of popular Indian comedy actors, from Sanjay Mishra to Mukesh Tiwari to Murali Sharma to Johnny Lever. Puja Hegde and Jaqueline Fernandez have been cast as the two female leads opposite Singh.

Deepika Padukone, Singh’s real-life wife, has a cameo in the “Current Laga Re” song.


If you really want to watch Cirkus at the moment, then your best and the only option is to go to the nearest theatre where you will find it.

If you want to stream it online, you need to wait a while. As per the information we have right now, it will eventually land on Netflix. When that happens, we will let you know about it.

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