Where to watch Kevin Smith’s ‘Clerks III’?: We humans like to belong. Connection is something we thrive on and common interests are something that makes connections. And in the entertainment industry, there’s nothing that speaks of common interest and connections more than Cinematic Universes. It gives us an escape from this world to another and fellow fans are like fellow citizens of the Universe.

From J K Rowling’s Magic world to Marvel’s universe to Upcoming Avatar world, we all love these stories set in a different world than ours. A very peculiar one among these is the ASKEWNIVERSE by Kevin Smith. Since 1994, Smith has built a world that does things in a quirky way with interesting and inventive characters. All the films, cartoons, and comics revolve around these characters who have a very peculiar way of solving their life problems. Some of the actors are even cast as different characters in the same Universe and sometimes even in the same films. Characters Jay and Silent Bob appear in almost all of the films making them the OG of the Universe.

The latest addition to a total of 9 movies is “Clerks lll” a successor of the first film in the Askewniverse. Starring in are some Kevin Smith regulars and a few new actors, Brian O’Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Trevor Fehrman, Austin Zajur, Jason Mewes, Rosario Dawson, and Kevin Smith himself.

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This one is set 15 years after Clerks II, both the lead characters, Randall and Dante are living the same life at Quick Stop. And one day after surviving a heart attack, Dante decides to change his ways of life and make a movie about it. He involves Dante and his friends, and some of the other characters including Jay (Jason Mews) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) in the Universe to act in his film. We also have a cameo from Ben Affleck who has played multiple characters in the Universe.

The creator of this Universe, Kevin Smith is like One Man Army for the film as he wrote, directed, edited, and acted in most of them. With 67% on Rotten Tomatoes, this movie is here to stay and make fans happy.

Where to watch and stream ‘Clerks III’ online?

Currently, the only way to watch Clerks III is in a movie theatre. Released in a limited capacity across theatres in America on September 13th, 2022, you can check for theatre listings and book tickets via Fathom Events. The release comes after the World Premiere of the film, which took place at a roadshow on Red Banks on 24th August 2022.


As far as streaming is concerned, there’s no confirmed news as of yet. Since Lionsgate is handling the distribution, there’s a chance that the movie might end up on any of the leading streamers like Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, or HBO Max. Also, we can expect the film to release on Video on Demand within 45 days of its initial run in theatres. 

Watch the Clerks III trailer Here:

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