Where to Watch and Stream Park Chan-wook’s New Korean Movie ‘Decision to Leave’ Online?

Watch Stream Decision to Leave Online

Korean master Park Chan-wook is one of the few prominent filmmakers who have constantly managed to surprise audiences across the world with the audacity he shows in his narrative turns. He is well known for his tickling, subversive black comedic humor and a brutally pensive look at the human condition. With ‘Decision to Leave,’ the auteur’s latest outing, there’s a slight diversion from the usual. And even though you can clearly see a departure, this one has all his trademark laminations to make it well worth the watch.

As far as Chan-wook is concerned, post winning the Grand Prix for his infamous 2003 film Oldboy, the Korean filmmaker became an overnight sensation. It is not just one of his most bloody and shocking movies to date but is also considered one of the greatest Korean movies of all time.

However, most international audiences are still not aware of his initial success with Joint Security Area in 2000, a film that allowed and gave Chan-wook creative control over his projects, leading him to make the Vengeance Trilogy. The critical acclaim that he got allowed him to make his English language debut with the 2013 film ‘Stoker,’ but the director returned to his comfort space with the masterful 2016 film ‘The Handmaiden.’

With the Decision to Leave, which is also South Korea’s official Oscar entry for Best International Feature, Park Chan-wook has kept the movie’s actual plot under wraps. This is to say that watching it would be a tenser, more rewarding experience if you go into it blind. However, for those who need a nudge, the official synopsis reads, “Kind and polite detective Haejun is entrusted with a case of unnatural death in the mountains. While investigating the case, he meets Seorae, the dead victim’s wife, and cannot help but suspect and develop an interest in her.”

Where to Watch and Stream ‘Decision to Leave’ Online?

Currently, the only way to watch Decision to Leave is in a movie theatre. MUBI – the streaming service which has also gone into movie distribution, will be releasing Chan-wook’s latest in movie theatres across the US in a limited capacity on October 14th, 2022. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a Park Chan-wook movie unfold with a live audience, and if the movie is playing near you, head over to Fandango to book your tickets.

As far as streaming is concerned, there’s no news of when it will land online. However, it is a done deal that MUBI (which bought the rights for the movie out of its premiere at Cannes) will be the place where you will be able to stream Decision to Leave, but as far as the dates are concerned, MUBI hasn’t made an official announcement yet.

Streaming Update

Decision To Leave is now available to stream on MUBI in selected countries.

Watch the Trailer Here:

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