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Here’s Where to Watch and Stream Aubrey Plaza’s New Movie ‘Emily the Criminal’ Online

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John Patton Ford’s ‘Emily the Criminal’ arrives this August 12th in theatres across the USA in a limited release. Premiered at Sundance Film Festival to glowing reviews, the Aubrey Plaza starring movie makes us root for a person who is inherently wrong in what she is doing.


Following Emily Benetto (Plaza), a single middle-aged woman living in LA with crushing debt due to the weight of student loans, the movie finds her entering the shady ring of credit card scam to make ends meet, only to be swept by the darkness that crime has to offer.

Parallels have been drawn between Plaza’s portrayal of Emily with Phoenix in Todd Philips’ ‘Joker.’ Both the films feature protagonists who are cornered and dejected by society to an extent that they tip into the world of insanity with no barrier to hold takedown of capitalism’s edgy sword.

Also starring Theo Rossi, Jonathan Avigdori, Kim Yarbrough, Gina Gershon & Bernardo Badillo, critics have raved about the movie, particularly about Aubrey Plaza’s fascinating turn as the titular Emily. Currently Certifed fresh with  93%  positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the website’s consensus reads “A taut thriller that contains a wealth of social commentary, Emily the Criminal is stolen by Aubrey Plaza’s terrific work in the title role.”

Where to Watch and Stream ‘Emily the Criminal’ Online?

Vertical Entertainment and Roadside Attractions have released ‘Emily the Criminal’ in limited theatres across the USA on Friday, August 12th, 2022.

Currently, Emily the Criminal is available on Video on Demand on the US – Direct TV. It is not available to stream in any other country.

The film premiered first at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival on January 24.

Watch Emily the Criminal Trailer Here: 

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