A24 is a film distribution company that has become the home of movies of different genres with an independent sensibility, which traditional Hollywood studios usually ignore. Recently though A24 has become synonymous with auteur-driven horror, and comedy fares. The coming-of-age genre too has been given a form of second life through the movies coming out of the studio’s arsenal. Movies like “Mid90s“, “Lady Bird“, and “Eighth Grade” have given new life to the genre. Now A24 studios are releasing another coming-of-age film in that similar vein, titled “Funny Pages”.

Written and Directed by Owen Kline (star of Noah Baumbach’s The Squid and the Whale) as his debut feature, produced by the Safdie Brothers (“Uncut Gems“, “Good Time“), Funny Pages tells the story of Robert, played by Daniel Zolghadri (“Eighth Grade”), a high-schooler and talented aspiring cartoonist who is advised by his high school art teacher to get a portfolio together and start publishing as soon as possible.

Robert follows his advice, drops out of high school and finds himself sharing a dilapidated apartment with two other older men, and soon crosses paths with a low-level comic book artist Wallace, played by Matthew Maher (“Marriage Story“, “Our Flag Means Death“) who worked as a color separator for the coveted Image Comics. Determined to make Wallace mentor him and thus find a way into the industry, Robert tries to “help” him with violent, unpredictable results.

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Produced by the Safdie Brothers’ Elara pictures, Funny Pages premiered at the Cannes Film Festival’s Director’s Fortnight Section, to a mostly positive reception. The critics’ consensus acknowledges its polarising tonality while rewarding it credit for creating a coming-of-age film leaning more into the cringe comedy than nostalgic bait.

Where to Watch and Stream ‘Funny Pages’ Online?

Funny Pages opens in select theatres in the US (Alamo Drafthouse in LA, Lincoln Center in New York), while also being made available for rent or purchase digitally through various VOD services on August 26th, 2022. So far there’s no news about where and when Funny Pages will be available to stream online.

Watch Funny Pages Trailer Here:

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