Where to Stream ‘He Went That Way’?: Jeffrey Darling made his debut as a filmmaker with the release of the true-crime thriller film He Went That Way. Stars like as Jacob Elordi and Zachary Quinto are featured in the film, which is based on the non-fiction novel Luke Karamazov, written by Conrad Hilberry.

Vertical Partner Peter Jarowey and SVP of Acquisitions Tony Piantedosi negotiated the deal on behalf of Vertical, with Mister Smith CEO David Garrett and VP International Sales & Distribution Shane Kelly on behalf of the production.

The creative team said in a statement after the purchase that they were “so thrilled by the audience response at Tribeca and delighted that Vertical will be bringing this story to theaters. It’s been an eighteen-year journey to bring this story to life and now stands as a legacy to our director, the late Jeffrey Darling, who passed away during post-production. Jacob and Zachary brought such an intensity and smart approach to the characters in a story steeped in instinct, infatuation, and incident.”

Added Jarowey on behalf of Vertical, “We were enthralled by Jacob and Zachary’s gritty chemistry when we watched the film at Tribeca and knew immediately this would be a story audiences would find captivating. We look forward to working with Mister Smith on another collaboration, as we did on The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry and The Hating Game, and building upon the success of He Went That Way together.”

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What is the Release Date of “He Went That Way”?

The release date of He Went That Way is January 5, 2024.

What is the Movie About?

Both Elordi and Zachary Quinto give outstanding performances in the title, which portrays two real-life men who are going on a road trip. Elordi portrays Bobby, a 19-year-old serial murderer who has been picked up by Jim, a famous animal handler, who is played by Quinto. This is a far cry from the conventional buddy road trip comedy that many people have seen before. 

Jim is traveling across the country with his celebrity chimpanzee, Spanky, in the hopes of finding new employment opportunities. He is transporting valuable items in the back of his station wagon. When Jim learns that Bobby is a murderer, he makes a bargain with the person who committed the crime in the hopes of escaping alive.

Is ‘He Went That Way’ Available in Theaters?

Yes, He Went That Way will be available in theaters. It had a limited release on January 5, 2024.

What is the Release Date of ‘He Went That Way’ for VOD?

The VOD release date of He Went That Way is January 12, 2024.

Where to stream ‘He Went That Way’ online?

As of now, the only way to watch He Went That Way is in theaters. There are no official details about the streaming platform that will host He Went That Way.

Watch the trailer here

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