Watch Nanny Online: 2022 has been a major year for horror with the likes of Smile and Barbarian exploiting the versatility of the genre and Terrifier 2’s gorefest becoming an Oscar entry. To end the glory year of horror with a bang, we have Nikyatu Jusu’s feature debut Nanny which has created quite a stir at the festivals. Nanny’s world premiere at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival won it the Grand Jury Prize. Adding to the impressive list of Blumhouse horrors, Jusu’s film combines several thriller tropes with the social aspects of an immigrant’s struggles to bring about a nightmarish psychological horror.


This isn’t the first time Jusu has made an impact at the Sundance. Her short Suicide by Sunlight which premiered at Sundance depicted the story of a black vampire whose melanin protected her from the sun. The director is not straying from the path of horror and instead diving into its deep ends with Nanny. In an interview with Indiewire Jusu said “I wanted to remix this story of a domestic experience with the genre. A lot of the films I love do that. I wanted to remix the American immigrant experience with the genre. A lot of people have a way into that — whether you were raised by a nanny or your mother was one.”

Watch Nanny 2022 Online

According to the official synopsis, Nanny will show the journey of Aisha, an immigrant from Senegal who has come to America in hopes of a better life for her and her son Lamine. Getting a job at the luxurious house of the affluent couple Adam and Amy provide Aisha with a false sense of hope. While taking care of their daughter Rose, Aisha realizes that the picture-perfect couple isn’t what they seem. She misses her son who she hopes to see soon. With Lamine’s arrival approaching, Aisha drowns in cryptic nightmares and hauntings that leave her puzzled and horrified.


The trailer bears the weight that Aisha lives with. Being away from her son and trying to make a living in a strange country is hard enough. Add horrors and hallucinations into the mix and she’s bound to crack. Although she has support from her new romantic interest Malik, Aisha’s struggles in the face of the newfound miseries are her own. 

Nanny cast

Senegalese-American actress Anna Diop stars as Aisha, the immigrant nanny fighting through immense psychological pressure and hoping to come out of it in one piece to be there for her son. Anna Diop has previously appeared in Jordan Peele’s hit horror Us. Mission Impossible star Michelle Monaghan joins the cast as Amy, the mother of the child Aisha takes care of.

To play the father, the cast includes Morgan Spector. Spector has mostly worked in TV and appeared in the likes of Homeland, The Mist, and HBO’s period drama The Gilded Age. American Souls star Sinqua Walls plays Malik, Aisha’s love interest. Emmy-nominated actress and singer Leslie Uggams plays the role of Kathleen, Malik’s grandmother and a spiritual advisor who helps Aisha. 

Where to watch and stream Nanny online

After the horror thriller’s world premiere at Sundance Film Festival, Amazon and Blumhouse acquired the distribution rights in March 2022. Nanny had a special screening at Toronto international film festival in September and another at the 2022 AFI Fest in November. Amazon Studios has released Nanny for a limited theatrical run on November 23, 2022. Check out Fandango to find theatre listings near you.


If you would rather wait and stream it online, Nanny will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video starting December 16, 2022. 

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