Here’s Where to Watch and Stream Jafar Panahi’s New Movie ‘No Bears’ Online

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How to Watch No Bears?: Quoting renowned Iranian professor Hamid Dabashi, “Panahi does not do as he is told – in fact, he has made a successful career in not doing as he is told.” The Iranian director has been banned from making films for 20 years and has also served a prison sentence that lasts 6, but there’s no stopping him. If people don’t remember him smuggling his movie out of Iran to be screened at Cannes, they sure know of his 2015 film Taxi Tehran which won the highest award at the Berlinale.

His latest film, No Bears, comes at a time when Iran is facing yet another uprising. The fact that his new film, in a way, poses similar questions that his films have always posed, and yet feels angry and urgent makes the new one even more important. Currently, at a 100% Rotten Tomatoes approval rating, the Iranian film is quite possibly the most crucial anti-establishment film of 2022.

Following two subsequent plot points, where one of it involves the great director (who plays himself) trying to make a film by giving instructions via video calls, and the other involves his life living in a remote (undisclosed location) near the Iranian border where he is stuck between the prejudice of the locals and a constant need to have more freedom to do what he wants. The fact the movie-making part of the plot involves a woman who is so disturbed by the imposed values on her that fleeing the country or the idea of fleeing the country becomes her only resolve makes the movie all the more heartbreaking and real.

Where to Watch and Stream ‘No Bears’ Online?

Currently, the only way to watch No Bears is in a movie theatre. After receiving its world premiere at the 79th Venice International Film Festival, Janus Films released it in limited theatres across the US on 23rd December 2022. If you wish to check out the theatres that are playing it near you or wish to book a ticket, head over to Fandango.

As far as streaming is concerned, there’s no news as to when and where No Bears will stream online. However, seeing how most Janus Films title head over to the Criterion Channel section at HBO Max, one can assume that it will eventually land there. But, it’s possible that it will be available on VOD services much before that. So, keep a check on this space as we update more details.

Watch the trailer for No Bears Here:

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