How to Stream Prey the Devil?: Twelve years ago, German filmmaker Daniel Stamm broke into the US horror movie scene with “The Last Exorcism.” The found footage supernatural horror film about an Evangelical minister participating in a documentary while trying to expose his own ministry starred the very talented Patrick Fabian in the lead who later found his deserving fame with Better Call Saul (2012-15). Made on a modest 1.8 million US dollar budget, the film not only went on to make a whopping 67.7 million US dollars at the box office but also received a lot of praise from the critics as well. It even managed to win the best horror film at the Empire Awards 2011.

Instead of pursuing the sequel of “The Last Exorcism”, Stamm decided to remake the 2006 Thai horror movie 13 Beloved into 13 Sins as his next work with Mark Webber in the lead. Although not as successful as his last work, this one also received praise from critics and made 13, 809 US dollars at the box office.

Eight years later, Stamm is back again with his latest, “Prey for the Devil” where he has gone back to the exorcism sub-genre again. And if the trailer is anything to go by, this one is also going to be a bone-chilling viewing experience filled with scares and screams; perfect for horror fanatics, especially during the time of Halloween.

As per the official synopsis, this movie is about a nun performing an exorcism and battling against a demonic evil that has something to do with her past.

Originally titled “The Devil’s Light” and based on a screenplay by Robert Zappia, the film was first announced way back in October 2019 with British director James Hawes being tapped as the director. However, in February 2020 the director’s mantle was finally given to Daniel Stamm. Subsequently, in June 2020, Byers was announced as the lead and the entire filming was wrapped up during the summer of the same year in Sofia, Bulgaria. Actor Ben Cross passed away ten days after the ending of filming. This is the second posthumous release for Cross.

Prey for the Devil Cast:

Canadian actress Jaqueline Byers, whose most notable credit is a starring role on the CBS series Salvation, stars as Sister Ann aka the titular lead we are supposed to root for. Virginia Madsen, known for playing the lead in the 1992 Candyman movie and her Academy Award-nominated performance in Alexander Payne’s Sideways (2004) has a supporting role. Rounding off the cast is Christian Navarro (13 Reason Why), Colin Salmon (Arrow), and Ben Cross in his final film role.


Lionsgate will release “Prey for the Devil” in theaters across the United States and Canada on October 28th, 2022 alongside the wide expanded release of the Cate Blanchett movie Tár. Based on the buzz it has created and Stamm’s good reputation as a horror director, it is projected that the film is going to earn 7-8 million US dollars from 2900 theaters in the Halloween weekend.

As of now, it is not available for streaming online. Given that it is a Lionsgate release, it will eventually appear on the Lionsgate Play. As to when that would be, is still under wraps, but we will provide updates about it whenever the information becomes available.

Watch the trailer Here:

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