Where to Watch ‘Scrapper’?: In a world full of movies, you might have missed Scrapper, a brilliant work screened at the famous Sundance Film Festival. This gem of a movie, which won the top prize in the World Cinema Drama category and was directed by the talented Charlotte Regan and starred “Beach Rats” and “Triangle of Sadness” star Harris Dickinson, lives up to its title by offering a scrappy, sweet, and charming vibe.

Harris Dickinson is a rising star in the flickering lights of Hollywood. His role in “The King’s Man” series spin-off made him famous. Even though the series may not have reached its full potential, there’s no doubt that the 27-year-old actor, who has striking looks and a statuesque presence, is on his way to becoming a star, as Tinseltown’s powers have decided. Given the actor’s obvious talent and the rumors going around Hollywood, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to think that his name will be linked to superhero movies or other big franchises.

What is Scrapper about

Scrapper is about the mysterious Harris Dickinson, who was in the FX show “Trust,” which was directed by the famous Danny Boyle. In this movie, he plays a young father who runs into his long-lost daughter, who Lola Campbell, a bright newcomer, plays. After Sundance, Kino Lorber bought the rights to the film and is getting ready to show it in theaters all over the country. 

A charming father-daughter comedy is tied together by the vibrant backdrop of the movie. Lola Campbell plays Georgie, a clever 12-year-old girl who is the center of the story. After her mother died too soon, Georgie lives alone in a small flat in a working-class part of London. She is struggling with the problems of life. Her clever answer to it is to steal bicycles with the help of her loyal friend Ali, who Alin Uzun plays. Georgie makes up a story about living with a fake uncle so he can keep up the appearance of normalcy and stay away from social workers.

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The story takes a surprising turn when Georgie’s estranged father, Jason (Harris Dickinson), comes back into her life. This forces her to face the truth she had been avoiding so well. Georgie’s initial dislike of this new parental figure adds an interesting layer of drama to the story. Even though their lives are changing, Georgie and Jason realize that their road to growth and self-discovery is just getting started. The film’s brilliance comes from the way it mixes humor, energy, and new ways of making movies. This makes it stand out from other British working-class movies.

Where to Watch & Stream ‘Scrapper’ Online?

You can watch and stream Scrapper on Fubo TV.

Is Scrapper available on VOD?

Yes, you can buy or rent Scrapper on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, or YouTube.

Scrapper movie review

In the Scrapper movie review, Amartya says, “It is a weird statement to construe that even independent movies are becoming predictable, but is predictability truly bad when the genuineness of storytelling shines through? The moments between Jason and Georgie as they slowly start getting closer are heartwarming to watch, ideally helped by the chemistry between Dickinson and Campbell.”

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