The newest horror movie in town has been riling people up ever since the trailer hit the world wide web back in June. ‘Smile,’ directed by Parker Finn is a story that follows Dr. Rose Cotter who is stalked by some supremely creepy and always smiling faces around her. These faces are actually supernatural manifestations that are like communicable diseases which happen when someone is not looking.

The trailer was a viral sensation with horror fans comparing the premise to great horror movies like ‘It Follows’ and ‘The Ring.’ Much like those films, the terror in Smile comes from an unseen force that is terrorizing the people at the center of the frame. Director Parker, whose previous works include the two shorts named ‘Laura Hasn’t Slept’ and ‘The Hidebehind,’ is capable of conjuring horrific images that make the viewer feel like they are sitting through an extended nightmare that seems to have no end.

Starring Sosie Bacon; the daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick in the leading role; the scream queen (know for MTV’s Scream: The TV Series) is accompanied by co-stars Jessie T.Usher (The Boys), Kyler Gallner (Smallville), Colin Gray (Jennifer’s Body) & Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar).

Smile is an extension of Parker Finn’s short Laura Hasn’t Slept. Now officially removed from the internet for obvious reasons, the short takes place during a therapy appointment where a woman slowly starts to descend into madness. Currency sitting at a comfortable Rotten Tomatoes score of 83%, the website’s consensus reads, “Deeply creepy visuals and a standout Sosie Bacon further elevate Smile’s unsettling exploration of trauma, adding up to the rare feature that satisfyingly expands on a short.”

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Where to watch and stream ‘Smile’ Online?

Even though it was initially decided that Smile would directly land on Paramount+, some really good test screening results made the people at Paramount Pictures rethink their strategy and even break their recently applied hybrid model. So, as of now, i.e from September 30th, the only way to watch Smile would be in a movie theatre. To know what movie theatres are playing it near you, visit the movie’s official website.

As far as streaming is concerned, the film will eventually find its way to Paramount+. However, when that would be, is an information for a later date. There haven’t been any official announcements of Smile’s VOD or streaming release so far, but we will update this space as soon as that happens.

Watch the Smile Trailer Here

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