Where to Watch ‘Strays’?: “Strays” is a new take on famous dog movies that will make you laugh out loud. Step into a funny, off-kilter world where stories about dogs take a hilarious turn. Josh Greenbaum, who is known for making the cult comedy “Barb and Star,” directed the film. In the movie, Will Ferrell plays Reggie, an upbeat but naive Border Terrier who is full of sunny optimism. But there’s a catch: Doug’s (Will Forte) owner isn’t too happy about having a dog around.

The critics’ rating for the movie Strays is 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 80 reviews. The average rating is 6/10. The critics’ consensus reads: “Crudely effective and effectively crude, Strays is more amusing than hilarious, but this comedy’s scattershot humor is partly offset by its surprisingly big heart.” Some positive reviews have praised the film’s humor, performances, and originality. However, most critics have found the film to be too vulgar and chaotic.

What is Strays about?

In Strays, Will Ferrell plays Reggie, a Border Terrier who is always upbeat but whose owner, Doug, dumps him on the dangerous city streets. Reggie is certain that his loving owner will never leave him on purpose.

When Reggie teams up with Bug, a fast-talking Boston Terrier voiced by Oscar winner Jamie Foxx who thinks owners are a sucker’s game, his life takes a funny turn. As Reggie gets closer to Bug, he slowly learns that his relationship with Doug has been bad and that Doug is not a caring owner.

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Reggie, Bug, and their group of friends, including Maggie (Isla Fisher), a smart Australian Shepherd who is being overshadowed by her owner’s new puppy, and Hunter (Randall Park), an anxious Great Dane who is an emotional support animal, set out on a big adventure to turn the tables. Their goal is to help Reggie find his way back home and teach Doug a lesson by eating what Doug loves most.

When Reggie finds out how cruel his owner is, he is even more determined to get his revenge. But he is not on this adventure by himself. Reggie meets a variety of homeless people who soon become his trusted friends. Imagine Bug, a blunt and unfiltered Boston Terrier (Jamie Foxx), and Maggie, a smart Australian Shepherd (Isla Fisher), whom a new puppy has pushed aside. And Hunter, a worried but sincere Great Dane (Randall Park), has the job of being an emotional support animal. Together, these strange friends change Reggie’s trip into something amazing. It’s a story about how to take charge one paw at a time.

Dan Perrault, who is known for his work on “American Vandal” and “Honest Trailers,” is joining the team as a writer. The stars Josh Gad, Harvey Guillén, Rob Riggle, Brett Gelman, Jamie Demetriou, and Sofia Vergara, among others, also play minor roles in this R-rated comedy. Get ready for a mix of heart, fun, and, well, some humping you might not expect. “Strays” shows what it really means to live in a world where “dog eats dog.”

Where to Watch & Stream ‘Strays’ Online?

You can watch and stream Strays on Prime Video.

Is Strays available to buy or rent?

You can now rent (for $19.99) or purchase (for $24.99) Strays on PVOD Digital retailers like VUDU, Amazon, YouTubeetc.

One can, however, anticipate that the movie will become available on the Peacock streaming platform approximately 45 days after its release on VOD services, given that Universal is the studio that produced the movie. Stay tuned for more updates on the same. 

Strays Movie Review

In his Strays movie review, Ron says, “The movie’s philosophical insights are rudimentary at best. But they do imbue “Strays” with more depth than it probably deserves. When the proceedings take an emotional turn, the results are pretty poignant. However, “Strays’” creative team knows what you’ve come to see and delivers a satisfyingly balls-to-the-wall finale (no pun intended). A fitting needle drop that shouldn’t be spoiled sweetens the deal.”

Watch the trailer here:

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