Halloween is almost here and with it comes several horror films to make you jump out of your seats or have nightmares for days. Some of the best additions to the Horror faction are released in the month of October every year. This year is no different. One of the most anticipated and buzzing titles has to be “The Accursed (2022)”.

Directed by Kevin Lewis, the movie follows the protagonist Elly as she moves back to her hometown due to an unfortunate event. Her mother recently committed suicide and she is invited back to town by a family friend so that she can take care of an elderly lady who is in a Comatose state. While she is at the house, thinking it would give her mind some escape, things start to unravel for the worse. Elly is played by Sarah Grey, who is known for her work on Netflix’s The Order.

As the Director said in one of the interviews, the film touches upon the theme that “sins of the mother are revisited upon their daughters.”And as Elly starts her new job taking care of the elderly i.e one Ms. Ambrose played by Meg Foster, she starts having hallucinations, and visions that scare her to death. She brushes them off initially, but then they get worse and worse. The line between reality and fantasy starts to blur for her, and she realizes that the elderly woman has something demonic inside of her that wants to come out, leading her right into a trap that she can’t escape.

Along with Sarah and Meg, other actors starring in the film are Mena Suvari, Sarah Dumont, Alexis Knapp, and Troy James. Contortionist Troy James is behind the demon who lives inside of Ms. Ambrose. He is known for his previous work in “Hellboy”. The fear he instills in Elly along with the audience is all that one needs in a good horror film.

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Where to Watch and Stream the 2022 movie ‘The Accursed’ Online?

Distributed by Screen Media Films, the film releases on the 14th of October, 2022 in limited theatres across the US. To find out what theatres are playing The Accursed near you, or to book your tickets, please visit Fandango.

If the movie is not playing near you, don’t budge because you can be enjoyed it in the comfort of your home as the film is also available to Buy and Rent on Vudu, Apple TV, and other VOD platforms starting 14th of October too.

In addition to that, The Accursed (2022) can be streamed online on Sky Cinema with a subscription that includes Paramount+ along with the bundle that costs 10 pounds per month.

Watch The Trailer Here:

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