Where to Stream ‘The Breaking Ice’?: Anthony Chen is the writer and director of the Chinese-Singaporean romantic drama film The Breaking Ice, which was released in 2023. The film, which features Zhou Dongyu, Liu Haoran, and Qu Chuxiao, was chosen to be screened in the Un Certain Regard section of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. At the 96th Academy Awards, it was chosen to represent Singapore as the country’s official submission for the category of Best International Feature Film.

What is the Movie About?

A friend of Haofeng’s is getting married in Yanji, which is a frigid border city in northern China close to North Korea. Haofeng, a calm young guy from Shanghai, has traveled all the way there for the wedding. Although his old pals make jokes about his pricey watch while he is at the wedding, he does not make a big issue about the watch’s price. 

He maintains that the hospital had the incorrect number when they contacted him about missing his mental appointment. He receives phone calls from the hospital about missing his appointment. He is pondering his thoughts on the edge of a balcony when he notices a tour bus pulling up.

It is through Haofeng’s participation in a local tour group that he comes into contact with Nana, a tour guide who is dissatisfied with her employment. Nana receives an invitation to supper from her friend Xiao, who is a local cook. Embarrassingly, he responds to Nana’s question by denying that he is about to express his love for her. 

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Haofeng is unable to locate his mobile phone, and Nana decides to assist him. She extends an invitation to enjoy supper with Xiao. Because both of their employment have been affected by the epidemic, Xiao and Nana are finding it quite interesting to learn about Haofeng’s prosperous life in Shanghai, where he works in finance. Following a few drinks, Nana and Xiao are successful in persuading Haofeng to dance.

Where to Watch & Stream ‘The Breaking Ice’ Online?

The Breaking Ice is currently not available to stream anywhere. We will update this space once more details arrive. 

Is the Movie Available in Theaters?

The Breaking Ice is available in theaters, you can book tickets here.

Watch the trailer here

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