Putting a new spin on Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula, director Jessica M. Thompson’s (The Light of the Moon) 2022 film ‘The Invitation’ looks more eerily similar to the 2019 movie ‘Ready or Not.’ Considering that both the movies are about women becoming the prey of their secretive, wealthy family members with a castle of a house, their familiarity shouldn’t end there.

Starring Game of Thrones fame, Nathalie Emmanuel as Evie, a woman who, after taking a DNA test arrives in the English countryside to attend a wedding organized at her newfound family home, The Invitation also stars Thomas Doherty, Stephanie Corneliussen, Alana Boden & Hugh Skinner.

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Produced by Mid Atlantic Films and Screen Gems, Sony Pictures Entertainment will be distributing the film in theatres across the globe this August, with a supposed expansion in September. Previously titled ‘The Bride,’ before switching to the current title, audiences craving some gothic horror thrills will be promised with respite of sorts.

Currently, ‘The Invitation’ hasn’t scored well on the Tomatometer, with the initial reviews calling it “A sultry Gothic tale that lacks bite,” while announcing it as a confident calling card for lead star Nathalie Emmanuel.

Where to watch and stream the 2022 movie ‘The Invitation online?

 The film will be having a wide theatrical release on Friday 26th August 2022, with expansion in more countries to follow. To check out the listing of the theatres playing the movie near you visit Fandango.

Currently, The Invitation is available to rent or Buy on Apple+ TV, AMC Theater, VUDU, Microsoft, Direct TV in the USA.

As far as its fate on the world wide web is concerned, there’s no specific date mentioned for its online release online. However, since Sony is the major stakeholder here, we can assume that the movie will follow the 45-day theatrical release window that has become a norm since the COVID-19 pandemic. It should be available to purchase/rent on VOD (Video on Demand) services like Amazon, iTunes, Google Pay, YouTube, and Vudu. Since Father Stu, another one of Sony’s movies was available to rent for $19.99, one can assume that The Invitation will see the same fate somewhere in mid-October, 2022.

According to director Jessica M. Thompson, there’s a catch though. Talking to Bloody Disgusting, she said that whenever The Invitation arrives online, there will be an R-rated version of the film that will be released. Since it was rated PG-13 for its theatrical release, this can be a big step for the movie to garner more audiences.

As far as streaming services are concerned, is highly likely that you will end up finding the movie either on Hulu or Disney+ (more inclination to Hulu due to the genre), after Sony’s deal with Disney last year. Also since this is a Sony release, The Invitation might find its audiences over at Netflix too.

Watch ‘The Invitation (2022)’ Trailer Here:

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Where to watch The Invitation (2022)

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