Where to Watch ‘The Retirement Plan’?: In the world of action-comedy movies, “The Retirement Plan” looks like a good addition. It stars Nicolas Cage, who is known for his role in “National Treasure.” This future movie will have an interesting plot because it was written and directed by the talented Tim Brown. Ashley and her young daughter, Sarah, are the story’s center. They are in a dangerous situation that forces them to ask Ashley’s distant father, Matt, for help. Nicolas Cage plays Matt, a retired beach bum living in the beautiful Cayman Islands. This gives the story a unique twist.

This action-packed comedy is Nicolas Cage’s fourth movie this year if you don’t count his famous cameo in ‘The Flash.’ Even though we’ve seen Cage in a lot of different parts, from action-packed adventures to comedic ones, his role as a retired vagrant adds a new and unexpected twist to his acting career. This movie looks like it will be fun to watch, especially for Nic Cage fans. So, this summer, get ready to go on a virtual trip to the sunny Cayman Islands. But before you do that, let’s look at a guide to “The Retirement Plan” that tells us everything we know about it, like when it will come out, what it’s about, who’s in it, and who the main characters are.

The Retirement Plan opened in theaters all over the United States on August 25, 2023. The movie doesn’t waste any time getting into a rush of fast-paced action scenes. We see Matt (Cage) come to his daughter’s help when she gets involved with a group of bad guys. As Matt fights bravely to protect his daughter, she starts to wonder who her seemingly normal father really is. Nicolas Cage is good at both action and comedy and when they come together seamlessly, they should make for an amazing movie experience. From the trailer, it’s clear that Matt’s life as a homeless beach bum in the Cayman Islands will be a big part of the story, even though the movie is mostly about Ashley’s quest to protect her family and find out about her father’s mysterious past.

What is The Retirement Plan about?

Joining Nicolas Cage in ‘The Retirement Plan’ is an ensemble cast that boasts several familiar faces from the world of film and television. Cage takes on the role of Matt, a former assassin who has chosen to retire in the tranquil beauty of the Cayman Islands, living out his days as a laid-back beach bum.

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However, his peaceful existence is disrupted when his daughter, Ashley, and her young daughter, Sarah, seek his help amid a dangerous criminal operation that jeopardizes their lives. As Ashley and Matt reunite, they find themselves pursued by the menacing crime boss, Donnie, and his loyal lieutenant, Bobo. With each passing moment, Ashley discovers that her father harbors a secret past that has remained concealed from her all these years.

Where to Watch or Stream ‘The Retirement Plan’ Online?

You can watch The Retirement Plan online on Hulu.

Where to Rent/Buy The Retirement Plan?

You can rent or buy The Retirement Plan on platforms like Apple TV, Amazon, Vudu, or YouTube.

Watch the trailer here:

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