If you avoid the totally forgettable ‘Happy Feet’ movies, George Miller broke his directing hiatus in 2015 with ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’ The Australian director revisited a world of his own creation; a wasteland with his protagonist ‘Max’ and turned the spectacle into one of the greatest actions movies ever made. Audiences loved it so much that a prequel film about the character of ‘Furiosa’ is official in the works. However, between these two projects, Miller also managed to get Tilda Swinton and Idris Elba to star in his new film ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing.’

Generally kept under wraps and only unleashed a few days before its Cannes Film Festival premiere, Three Thousand Years of Longing is slated as Miller’s passion project. Something that he has been quietly brewing in his head for about 2 decades now.

After premiering to mixed reception at Cannes Film Festival, MGM released a full-blown trailer for audiences to peak into Miller’s new world creation. Also starring Pia Thunderbolt, Berk Ozturk, Anthony Moisset, and Alyla Browne, the movie seems to follow a scholar who takes a trip to Istanbul and gets wrapped in the magical world of Djinn. Offering the age-old story of three wishes, Miller’s twisted and wild new film feels like it could give Fury Road competition for speed.

Currently sitting at a 66% rating on the Tomatometer, the website’s consensus says that “Although its story isn’t as impressive as its visual marvels, it’s hard not to admire Three Thousand Years of Longing’s sheer ambition.”

Where to Watch and Stream ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’ Online?

If we go by the announcement made in the Three Thousand Years of Longing trailer, the movie will be playing exclusively in theatres. Releasing worldwide on 26th August 2022, there seem to be no updates on when and where the Fantasy-Romance will be made available for audiences who like to consume their art from their couches.

Since MGM holds the major rights for the movie, it is possible that it might land on Prime Video soon since Amazon recently bought MGM, but the distribution right can be a tricky game as big players like Paramount are mostly associated with MGM releases. This means that the movies might also end up on Paramount+. We can only speculate for now and look ahead to more news on the same.

Watch the Three Thousand Years of Longing Trailer here:

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