Where to Stream ‘Which Brings Me To You’?: One of the best parts about romantic comedies is that even if the main characters have tough problems to solve, the audience can relate to both sides of the story because they get to see the relationship from different angles. 

The two main characters in Which Brings Me to You form a bond by reflecting on their past relationships and being vulnerable with each other about their problems and baggage; this vulnerability brings them closer together, making the experience unique in the genre. January 19th is the release date for Which Brings Me to You in cinemas.

Hale shared with ComicBook.com about the impact her character’s journey had on her, “With any project I’m a part of, whatever you’re filming, of course you have to relate it to your own life or what you’re going through. I think there’s so many great messages within this movie, which is that you have to take a look at your past. If you want something in the future, if you want something healthy, sustainable, if you want love, we have to look back at your past and see what your part was in it.”

When Is ‘Which Brings Me to You’ Coming Out?

The release date of the Lucy Hale-led rom-com is January 19, 2024.

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What Is ‘Which Brings Me to You’ About?

Jane and Will, two jaded romantics, find themselves irresistibly drawn to one another during the wedding of a mutual acquaintance. The two spend the next day together, exchanging honest admissions of troubled pasts and broken hearts, after a catastrophic encounter in the coatroom, in the hopes that this affair would be more than just a fling. From the creators of “The Hating Game,” comes this funny story starring Lucy Hale and Nat Wolff.

Where to watch ‘Which Brings Me to You’?

You can watch ‘Which Brings Me to You’ in theaters. Find showtimes here.

Where to Stream ‘Which Brings Me to You’ Online?

Which Brings Me to You is not available to stream anywhere right now. We will update this space once we have more information about it. 

Watch the Trailer Here

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