Wild Cards Episode 3 Preview: As Season 1 of Wild Cards continues to reveal the secrets that lie beneath the show’s gripping story, get ready for another exciting episode. Max and Ellis are sent on what seems like a normal mission in Episode 2, but it takes a surprising turn or two along the way. 

It gets more tense as they look into the case of package thieves and meet the mysterious Bonnie. Secrets start to come out. Now that Episode 3 is almost here, fans can’t wait for the next part of Max and Ellis’s probe. Here’s the Wild Cards episode 3 preview that covers all the details you are looking for.

What Happened in Wild Cards Episode 2?

  • Max and Ellis respond to a seemingly routine assignment from Chief Li, involving community outreach regarding package thieves.
  • Their enthusiasm wanes upon discovering the mundane nature of the task.
  • Max and Ellis investigate a complaint about a “ghost” in a neighbor’s house, leading to the discovery of Jake Boshep’s body.
  • Jake, a sports agent, is found stabbed multiple times in the chest with a smashed car windscreen nearby.
  • They suspect a personal connection to the murder due to the lack of robbery despite Jake carrying a significant amount of cash.
  • Max and Ellis interrogate individuals associated with Jake, including Dana and Bill Flaire.
  • Conflicting stories emerge about Jake’s personal life and relationships, including suspicions of an affair between Jake and Kandace, Curtis Moorfield’s wife.
  • Jake’s frequent calls to MMA fighter Summer Lake raise suspicions, while BMX stunt rider Hailey Chen-Lin admits to giving Jake a black eye due to their deteriorating relationship.
  • Further investigation reveals financial transactions involving Jake transferring money from Amy’s account to Kate Westdale, the wife of deceased athlete Danny Westdale.
  • Max uncovers a health report indicating Summer Lake’s heart condition, HCM, similar to Danny’s condition.
  • Max and Ellis expose Dr. Melvin Tadlock’s falsification of Danny Westdale’s heart report and Bill Flaire’s involvement in Jake’s murder to cover up the truth.
  • Summer Lake’s decision to continue her fight despite the revelations raises concerns, but Max persuades her to reconsider.
  • Max devises a plan to catch the package thief, revealing it to be Bonnie herself.
  • Max confronts Bonnie but opts not to involve the police, retaining the rewards for the packages.
  • Max seeks guidance from her father, George, urging her to trust her instincts in solving the case.
  • As the episode concludes, Max reflects on the complexities of human nature and the multifaceted roles individuals play in society.
  • Summer Lake’s decision to pursue a different path after the fight reflects themes of self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Despite closing the case, Max and Ellis remain committed to seeking justice and uncovering the truth behind Jake Boshep’s murder.

Where Can I Stream Wild Cards Episode 3?

You can stream Wild Cards Episode 3 on CBC Gem and CW.

Release Date & Time:

The release date of Wild Cards Episode 3 is January 31, 2024, at 8 pm (ET)/(PT) and 7 pm CT.

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What to Expect from Wild Cards Episode 3?

People who will watch Wild Cards Episode 3 can expect more of the case’s and characters’ complicated riddles to be solved. Because Max and Ellis are always trying to get justice, the show may go into more detail about the personal and work lives of important suspects and witnesses. You can expect to learn more about why Jake Boshep was killed and how the people in Bill Flaire’s firm are related. As Max and Ellis try to figure out how to get through a web of lies and betrayal, the investigation may take surprising turns. 

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