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Wild Tales [2014] : A Lunatic Anthology on Revenge & Resurrection

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The disparity, injustice and high demands of the society we live in, cause immense stress and depression for many people. Some of them, the blessed ones, by some means, manage to maintain their sanity. This film holds no place for those people. The characters in the movie are defenseless in the face of reality. They waltz gracefully across the thin line between civilization and barbarism. Beneath the wry humor of the film lies an unintelligible truth about the human nature.

The film follows a multi-story narrative structure which bears great complexity in itself because of its disruptive flow. In such movies, there are high chances of viewers liking the previous story more which leads to loss of interest in the rest of the movie. However, Damian Szifron’s clever screenplay keeps the audience engaged and I assure you each story is better than the previous one. This travesty about revenge is wild, ferocious and gut-busting funny.  As ferocious as its title suggests, the film opens on a brutal note and ends, well, that’s for you to find out.

One of the stories is told from a victim’s perspective followed by a story told from a criminal’s point of view. The initial stories are set in a closed backdrop dealing with individuals against individuals. However, the film gradually expands outwards emphasizing on the bourgeoisie suppression. Szifron’s sardonic compilation owes a great deal to the “amoral” European subversions of Luís Buñuel against the bourgeois repression. I can’t think of any feature film where the nature of revenge is explored so incisively.

I have attempted to write on this film without disclosing the plots (for viewers who haven’t seen the film) because the joy of discovery is beyond the joy of understanding. To those who have seen this film, I believe this underlying structure of the movie will give you a fascinating insight into the story.


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