Bird Box, the 2018 American post-apocalyptic horror thriller film directed by Susanne Bier, was based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Josh Malerman. The film follows the character of Malorie Hayes, played by Sandra Bullock, who tries to protect herself and two children from entities that cause people who look at them to kill themselves. It begins with Malorie and her husband, Tom trying to escape the entities with their two young children. They are forced to blindfold themselves and travel down a river in a boat guided by birds.

Along the way, they encounter other survivors who have also been affected by the entities. The film reveals that the entities are not physical beings but manifestations of human fears. When someone looks at them, they see their own worst fears, which drives them to suicide. The only way to survive is to avoid looking at them at all costs. Bird Box was a critical and commercial success, becoming one of Netflix’s most-watched films of all time. This resulted in a spin-off by the name of Bird Box: Barcelona (2023) and speculations that a Bird Box 3 must be on the horizon. 

What is Bird Box: Barcelona About?

Bird Box: Barcelona is an apocalyptic thriller currently streaming on Netflix. It takes place in Spain and follows the story of Sebastián and his daughter Anna, along with a small group of survivors, as they seek refuge in the city of Barcelona. The world is under attack by unseen forces that compel people to take one’s life upon sight.

Sebastián appears to be immune to the influence of these mysterious creatures, which might explain his survival amidst the chaos. Throughout the movie, he becomes both an ally and a hindrance to other survivors, presenting a morally complex character. If you want a more detailed Bird Box: Barcelona analysis, check out our Ending Explained article.

Will There Be Another Bird Box Movie?

No official announcement has been made regarding a third movie in the Bird Box franchise. However, it is highly likely that another installment will be produced. Chris Morgan, one of the producers of Bird Box: Barcelona, shared some insights about the potential for further exploration within this post-apocalyptic world.

According to Morgan, the first movie featuring Malorie’s journey was just the beginning of a global, apocalyptic event. The development team considered what would be happening simultaneously in different countries across the globe. Bird Box: Barcelona offers an opportunity to expand and delve deeper into this enigma.

Here’s what Chris Morgan said to Entertainment Weekly, “Malorie’s journey was just the first chapter of this global, apocalyptic event. As we were developing the original film, we often discussed what would be happening at the same time in different countries around the world.

During this extinction-level event for humanity, how would families in Europe, Asia, and Africa respond to the mysterious creatures’ sudden appearance around the globe? What unique challenges would people face based on geography, culture, and politics? Bird Box: Barcelona gives us the opportunity to expand and explore the mystery further.”

Though Morgan’s comments do not directly confirm a follow-up to Bird Box: Barcelona, it does suggest the possibility of a third movie set in another part of the world, running parallel to the events of the previous films. Additionally, the ending of Bird Box: Barcelona leaves room for a potential sequel, creating further anticipation.

Bird Box 3 Release Date:

While the exact release date of Bird Box 3 remains uncertain, it is reasonable to expect that it will explore the experiences of a new group of survivors in another location, such as Africa, Asia, or another European city. These survivors would undoubtedly face the challenge of seeking refuge from the invading creatures that have ravaged our planet.

Bird Box: Barcelona notably reveals that certain individuals are immune to the creatures’ influence. The movie concludes with the revelation that scientists are leveraging this immunity to develop a potential cure, safeguarding the lives of those who are susceptible. Consequently, it is logical to speculate that the third movie could focus on pursuing this cure, driving the narrative forward.

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