Some people look different because they are different. One could say the same thing about certain monkeys. In “The Monkey King,” one such magical monkey is the main character. Stephen Chow, who directed and produced “Kung Fu Hustle” and “Shaolin Soccer,” also directed and produced “The Monkey King.” This hero is a rare individual who is also sometimes disliked. The name “Monkey” comes from the fact that he came from a rock. Even though the little guy was born with superpowers, he doesn’t know how to control himself. He goes on a dangerous journey with the goal of getting rid of every devil in the area so that his fellow monkeys will like him. But before he can prove for sure that he is the best hero of all time, he will have to beat his biggest enemy, which is his big ego. Netflix’s The Monkey King has risen up the charts faster than expected, speculating a part 2 should be in the cards. 

What is The Monkey King about?

Monkey is different from the other monkeys in the area because he comes from a big rock. He doesn’t look like anyone else, and he isn’t like anyone else, either. He has magical skills. Unfortunately for him, his elders and peers throw him out because of how he acts when he knows he is in danger. Years later, when Monkey is a smart-talking teenager, he is determined to become an immortal king. To do this, he must steal a magical tool from the dangerous Dragon King and beat dozens of different demons. During the course of his heroic journey, he comes across a humble peasant by the name of Lin, who encourages him to develop into the best possible version of himself. 

Will there be a The Monkey King 2?

The question remains: Will there be a “The Monkey King 2” on Netflix? While Netflix has yet to make an official announcement, the situation isn’t uncommon, especially considering the recent release of the first movie. The decision to pursue sequels involves many factors, with viewer engagement being pivotal.

Netflix’s approach to greenlighting sequels involves carefully considering viewing hours and audience engagement metrics. The success of the first movie, “The Monkey King,” plays a crucial role in determining whether a second installment is warranted. If the viewership numbers prove substantial, Netflix could give the green light for “The Monkey King 2,” allowing fans to dive back into the enchanting world of the Monkey King.

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What could the plot be for the sequel?

Even though we don’t know much about the sequel’s story, we can look into possible paths based on the depth of the source material. The famous “Journey to the West” story is the foundation for the Monkey King’s adventures. The sequel could go to places that haven’t been explored before. This could mean going into new parts of the characters’ stories, giving them new obstacles, and showing them new enemies who test their strength.

Fans are guessing and hoping a lot about “The Monkey King 2” because they can’t wait for it to come out. Online forums and social media sites are full of lively conversations about possible plots, how characters might change, and whether or not there will be any new cast members. The success of the first movie has created a strong desire for a remake, and fans are waiting on the edge of their seats for any bit of news or information.

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