Has Willow Been Renewed For Season 2? Here Is What We Know!

Willow Season 2 Renewed or Canceled

Willow Season 2 Renewed or Canceled: If the name Willow sounds familiar, it is because the Disney show is based on Ron Howard’s 1988 film of the same name. George Lucas served as the producer and wrote the original story that Bob Dolman developed into a screenplay. The Disney show is not a direct remake of the film. It serves as a sequel and begins in the aftermath of the events of the film, where Queen Bavmorda is overthrown. The show’s plot is set around 20 years after the events of the film.  

Jonathan Kasdan developed the show for Disney, and season 1 was an eight-part affair. Warwick Davis, Ellie Bamber, and Ruby Kruz starred in the main roles. The first season aired back in November of last year. It has been quite some time since that, and we finally have news for you regarding the renewal/cancelation status of Willow season 2. Here is what we know about it:

What happens in Willow Season 1?

The sequel to “Willow” takes place two decades after the defeat of Queen Bavmorda. However, a new danger arises in the form of a woman known as The Crone. When Prince Airk sets off to battle without protection, he is captured by The Crone’s minions and taken to a perilous hidden city. This event sets in motion a series of challenges that the main characters must face head-on. Notably, Madmartigan is absent in this sequel.

To combat the new threat posed by The Crone, the Queen assembles a group of unskilled adventurers to journey into the realm. This group includes her daughter and princess, Kit, and Kit’s betrothed, Graydon, as well as a clumsy man named Boorman, a trainee knight named Jade, and a serving girl named Elora, who was Prince Airk’s lover. Eventually, the skilled sorcerer Willow Ufgood joins them. Together, they embark on a journey, encountering various challenges and obstacles along the way.

Has Willow been renewed for season 2?

Willow Season 2 Renewed or Canceled

Unfortunately, Willow has not been renewed for season 2 by Disney. Even though the reception by the critics was quite good, word of mouth among the fans just could not pick up. Many saw the show as a downgrade on the film version that positively changed the course of adventure films. Willow, the show, did not have the same impact. The rumor mill also gives way to the possibility that the move comes as a part of Disney’s attempts to scrub its content catalog in a bid to improve profitability.

Most recently, Disney announced that it would not be screening HBO content on its platform in India, which drew the ire of netizens. This means that the sword could be falling on many more television shows on the platform which had previously been poised for renewals.

Since the show has been canceled, we do not have any more details to share with you about the Willow season 2 plot, release date, or cast. 

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