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Wonder Woman (2017): Why The DC Film Worked Among Other Failures

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After Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, one would need a hell lot of courage and an awful lot of spare time to go for another DCEU movie on the release date. However, as they say, best of the things happen when you least expect them.

Is the movie an extraordinary masterpiece that leaps beyond its origins? No, but it is one hell of a visual treat and the best superhero movie you have seen in the recent times. DC, for all its larger than life characters, an ocean of sophisticated plots and even bigger fan base, deserved this movie.

It is customary in a comic book movie to maintain a certain knowing distance from the action, to view everything through a sophisticated screen. “Wonder woman” slips around those defenses and engages us. Wonder woman has the heart and humanity DCEU needed desperately.

The magnetic chemistry between the two main characters of the film was crucial to the action and are effortlessly achieved by two great actors Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. The backdrop of the movie is set during the World War I era and this is Wonder Woman’s first interaction with the mortal word and the better part of the movie is her trying to understand this world. This facet of the story has been prioritized over action sequences and this, in my opinion, comprises some of the best scenes of the movie. This is essentially a war movie from an innocent girl’s perspective who happens to be have ground-breaking powers and yet her intentions and goodwill eclipse the supernatural power.

Let us talk about technicalities for a bit. The camera movement is exceptional throughout the film. The constant shaky and hand-held feel portrays the turmoil of the war wretched backdrop. The vibrant red and blue of Gadot’s armor is brilliantly set against the pale background of war torn London and German Front. The trademark sound score perfectly aligns with the adrenaline rush of the British soldiers when Wonder Woman leads the frontline in the Battle field and rips everything apart.

Batman V Superman [2016]: Dawn of Justice

The slo-mos are perfectly synced and it almost reminds us of Snyder’s epic slo-mo fight scenes. This talks a great deal about Snyder’s collaboration in this movie. For people who are not very fond of Zach Snyder, he casts Gal Gadot, wrote the story and produced it apart from collaborating with Patty Jenkins herself. All these but not snatching an ounce of credit from Patty Jenkins. Her beautiful direction is the reason we are celebrating Wonder Woman today.

Overall Wonder Woman is an enthralling experience, good craftsmanship coupled with a solid story of one of the most charismatic character of the DC universe. Director Patty Jenkins did an awesome job under huge pressure and this lays foundation for the upcoming start studded Justice league movie. Zach Snyder officially stepped down from Justice League few weeks ago due to a family tragedy and handed over the post production remnants to Avengers director/writer Joss Whedon. Only time will tell If DC can capitalize on this and deliver.

Author: Sandipan Nath

Sandipan is a Radiohead fan and a cinephile who does Business Analysis, in that order. He is based out of Bangalore, India and has 2 years of work experience as a Business Analyst. He has keen interest in the art of storytelling and right now is in search of cinematographers and editors for materializing his stories.

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