Every Noah Baumbach Film Ranked

Noah Baumbach has a knack for presenting richly absurd characters, dipping them in a bewildering puddle of reality, adding tee-spoons of screwball comedy that relinquish on their way to tell odd stories about hyper talkative characters. His film have underlying themes that poses coming of age elements, greatly powered by people trying to find themselves, but first understanding that they need to find themselves. Noah has developed into a famed indie director who usually works with people he greatly trust. From his collaborations with his friends in films like Kicking & Screaming to Ben Stiller’s confused witticism in Greenberg to his latest successful tryst with real life partner Greta Gerwig, Baumbach has come a long way. The following list ranks all his directed films from worst to best: [...]

The Blackout [1997]: The cost of fantasy revealed in this ‘90s masterpiece

The ending of The 400 Blows shows Antoine facing the utter hopelessness of his upcoming situation, represented by the vast unattainable terrains of the ocean, followed by a zoom-in on Antoine‘s face as he looks into the camera and freeze frame (presumably right before he shrugs). The Blackout takes this premise further – our main man Matty starts off in the film standing before the ocean like Antoine, but this time at night and this time he’s a full grown man. Matty doesn’t look into the camera, but out towards the dark view of the ocean. [...]

Phobia Review: Fear of the future (and the past)

Pavan Kirpalani’s Phobia is the kind of movie, by the end of which you just stare at the screen for a while, then if you are a generally exuberant person when it comes to showing your emotional side, you start to clap at what you have just witnessed; or if you are a guy like me who prefers to keep things inside, you start having an imaginary conversation with yourself about the intelligence of the director and the brilliance of the movie. [...]

Tim Burton: The Dark Puppeteer

Tim Burton was born on August 25, 1958. As a kid growing up in Burbank, California, Burton never seemed to fit in anywhere. He was shy and introverted and making friends never came easy to him so instead of spending his time socializing with kids his own age Burton focused most of his attention on the things that interested him the most like monster movies and animation which would go on to serve as major influences on his later filmmaking career. [...]