“Beloved be the one who resides in the cinematic shrine.
Beloved be the one who has a pen and can write.”

High on Films is not a website; it is a shrine, where we worship Cinema. Writing for HoF takes more than just writing skills, it takes passion. We are building an army of spiritual warriors’, and you can be an integral part of this revolution. If you are someone who honestly loves cinema for its existence, we want you to join us in our sacred mission of spreading cinematic enlightenment. We want you to write for us.

There are certain customary details you should know before you become one of us:

  1. We will accept any piece of cinematic writing; it can be a review, an essay, article, film list, character/film analogy or anything even remotely associated with movies. If it’s written with passion, it’s going to go live.
  2. Your piece’s length should, at least, be 700 words.
  3. We are looking for Original Content, not published anywhere else on the internet.
  4. Let us know if you want to contribute regularly, we will provide you login credentials for High on Films.
  5. We hold the right to edit your work if needed or delete it in the future if such a situation arises. Don’t worry, we wouldn’t ruin the soul of your writing.
  6. Plagiarism is a sin, and there is no place for sinners in our shrine. 
  7. Along with your content, send us your Author Bio, a little introduction about you in no more than 100 words.
  8. If there are external links on your article, we hold the right to remove them after 2 years of publication, in case, there is any monetary transaction involved.

What we are going to provide you:

  1. A Backlink to your blog/website. High on Films’ selling point is content and nothing else, a backlink on HOF is going to bring quality traffic to your own website.
  2. Readers from across the globe. Collectively, through our website and Social Media Platforms, your words will reach a million people every week. 
  3. Access to films from some of the most prestigious film festivals in the world like Toronto Film Festival, Fantasia Film Festival, New York Asian Film Festival, Tribeca Festival, and Cannes.
  4. Merchandises: We have T-shirts, Posters, Books and all those cliched but cool merchandises, that we might just send your way, once in a while. 
  5. Lastly, when you have written a couple of articles for us, we will open the doors to paid opportunities as well. Keep your passion alive, become one of us and your efforts will be rewarded in time.

Send us your Content at contacthighonfilms@gmail.com