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Our exclusive coverage of the Toronto International Film Festivals.

Gaza Weekend 2022

Even before one can anticipate the nerve of a filmmaker to fuel a narrative feature on a pandemic with comedy, Palestinian-British filmmaker Basil Khalil clears the air about the truth. …
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AUTOBIOGRAPHY (2022) Movie Review (1)

The primary purpose of cinema’s existence is perhaps to entertain people, but often it becomes the medium for the artistic expression of an individual. Telling a story as honestly as …
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Riceboy Sleeps

The thought of embarking on the tedious process of ideating, conceptualizing, and crafting a film is rarely taken without a deeply personal motivation, unless, of course, it is commercial cinema. …
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Sweet As 2022

Directed by Jub Clerc, ‘Sweet As’ is a 2022 coming-of-age film with its international premiere at this year’s Toronto Film Festival. We witness the journeys of different young adults on …
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Winter boy 2022 review

The tragic departure of a beloved one, whether it be a husband, a son, a mother, or a friend, leaves a heartache, a dark void of emptiness caused by grief …
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A river is a symbol of life metaphorically. As an ecological component, it has enabled the birth and cause of civilizations. Nothing can separate a river from the very idea …
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