Invasion (Season 2) Episode 5 on Apple TV+ takes us further to explain the implications of the attack on aliens. In the previous episode, we saw Jamila and her friends trying to find their old friend Caspar, who has been in a coma for a long time. They go through a frightening journey inside a tunnel where they witness the death of the aliens and then their re-emergence into much stronger beings. Now, the new episode follows Aneesha’s search for her daughter, Sarah. While the Movement learns shocking details about Aneesha’s past, Mitsuki has a disturbing encounter with the alien entity.

Spoilers ahead.

Invasion (Season 2) Episode 5 “A Voice From the Other Side” Recap:

Sarah’s Disappearance

After their fight with the alien entities, the Movement searches for a missing Sarah (Tara Moayedi). While Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) is tense due to her daughter’s disappearance, a volunteer suggests they should stop searching and head back. She refuses to let that happen. Clark (Enver Gjokaj) stands by her in support. Soon after, they learn that the military had something to do with Sarah’s disappearance. Based on the footprints, a volunteer deduces that they grabbed the young girl and left from where they came. Luke (Azhy Robertson) is disturbed after this incident. Despite Aneesha’s appeals, he refuses to open up about his feelings.

Rachel, who was on guard duty the day before, mentions seeing an army convoy heading the other way. She believes Sarah was taken by the same men. Although Clark figures out the army base where Sarah may be at, his group thinks it a risky to enter that area. Hanley also suspects that Aneesha is hiding something from the Movement. Why else would the military go to such trouble to get hold of just a single girl? But Aneesha does not reveal anything to him. Once everyone else leaves, Clark asks her about it. But Aneesha / Ana still cannot trust Clark with her truth. Rather, she diverts the topic by saying she is a mother whose child is missing. She blames him for getting them caught in a place of trouble where Sarah went missing.

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Aneesha’s Secret

Luke starts hearing/sensing the sounds of aliens. While he tries to ground himself amid rising sounds of ‘wajo, wajo,’ Ryder (Olivia-Mai Barrett) comes up to speak with him. He ends up opening up to her about why he believes the army men may have taken Sarah. Luke speaks about how his family kept running from the military since they wanted an alien object – a shard, from them. Hanley overhears it and confronts Aneesha about her lies. Clark saves her by taking the blame on himself. He says she told him about it, but he kept all those details hidden. So, he apologizes on her behalf to not let Malicks be the target of scrutiny. When Clark offers to drive them away, Aneesha tries to unburden Luke out of his unwarranted guilt.

Mistuki’s New Mission

Because of Nikhil’s (Shane Zaza) insistence, President Benya Mabote (Moshiti Montshegwa) called for global action against the aliens. Since the aliens started dying, everyone considered it a victory. But soon after, they came out stronger and started proliferating faster than they could count. Now, it is even more difficult to know what to attack them with. Nikhil thinks humans can adapt to their new circumstances as the aliens did. Mitsuki (Shioli Kutsuna) plans to get into the entity’s head again to understand its actions and find a way to combat them.

Later, Mituski senses the aliens communicating with her again. However, there is no specific movement observed. Since she has a firm belief that the entity is communicating, she plans to provoke it. Maya (Naian Gonzalez Norvind) worries about the repercussions if the plan worsens their situation. But Mitsuki still decides to go ahead with her plan. She works with electromagnets and tries to understand a field that aliens are probably working with, similar to how birds do. She believes that if they manage to disrupt the field, it may affect the alien and put it in distress.

Trevante’s Search

Invasion (Season 2) Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained
Shioli Kutsuna in “Invasion,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

After getting out of imprisonment, Trevante (Shamier Anderson) stays in hiding at Rose’s (Nedra Marie Taylor) place. Unlike him, she is not confident about the validity of his claims about the relationship between Casper’s drawing and the alien entity. Besides, she reckons that finding the truth may not help them substantially. She tells Trevante about an incident where her father similarly tried to seek catharsis after his return from the war. Later, upon seeing a drawing from Casper’s book. She drives him to a land where a kid – Felix, got taken by the aliens in the early days of their invasion. At the time, he was celebrating just his 19th birthday.

Once they get down at a farm, Trevante wonders why the crows are flying in circles over them. Rose takes him to the scarecrow that she thought of after seeing the drawing. Trevante looks around to realize that Casper drew it from a high angle. While trying to decipher its intent, he notices something strange about the soil beneath them. Then, Trevante notices a gun lying around. Rose suspects it belongs to Felix’s dad – Martin. They walk through the farm to reach a house with Martin sitting over a porch swing. He repeats the word that Luke does – ‘wajo.’

This is the same man whom we see at the beginning of this episode, getting out of his house at midnight with a gun. His wife Lisa stops him and tells him that he just misses ‘him’, meaning their son. In the present, Rose tries to understand why Martin is in shock. After her repeated attempts to make him speak, Martin explains that Lisa got taken by a certain pull. He mentions that Billy was also up there. But his ambiguous explanation means Rose and Trevante hardly understand anything. Suddenly, an army van arrives near his house. Rose and Trevante hide behind the crop, and the army man takes Martin away. While walking back, Trevante asks Rose who Billy is. She gets emotional and starts crying.

Invasion (Season 2) Episode 5 “A Voice From the Other Side” Ending Explained:

What does Mitsuki learn in her encounter with the alien entity?

In the middle of Mitsuki’s research, Maya mentions her old roommate – Ichiko. She tries to see if Mitsuki is doing well. But Mitsuki does not wish to indulge in talking about her feelings. Maya takes her to a forest to explain that the beings are interconnected. Through that analogy, she tries to convey that she will pull the plug if she senses any danger for Mitsuki. Eventually, Mitsuki enters the facility to communicate with the alien entity. When it starts approaching her, it ends up in severe vibrations around the facility. But Mitsuki insists she does not want to get out.

Eventually, Mitsuki hears someone speaking in Japanese. Eventually, she sees a young girl who asks her to stop causing her pain. Mitsuki asks the girl who she is. The girl speaks of some specific details that anger Mitsuki. Mitsuki is resolute to not let the aliens destroy planet Earth. Suddenly, she hears Hinata’s voice coming from this entity. When Mitsuki says her name, Maya worries that she is putting herself in danger. She thinks they should pull the plug on this operation. But Nikhil insists they should let Mitsuki work on this thread further.

Eventually, Mitsuki takes her hand glove off and touches the entity’s form. We see it almost engulf her, where she struggles to maintain her sanity. Suddenly, she starts hearing the David Bowie song that she and Hinata adored. Besides, she notices some memories floating around in this realm. From the other side, Caspar arrives and asks whether it is Jamila on the other side. Soon after, Mitsuki falls down and looks exhausted and weak. In the end, she mentions that ‘they’ are out there.

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