Kingstown is reeling in the wake of tragedy. Miriam’s death at the hands of Milo’s thugs leaves Mike reeling, while DA Foley barely escapes a car bombing. With tensions between the gangs reaching a boiling point, Robert’s brutal raid on the Aryans only throws gasoline on the fire. As Konstantin returns to Kingstown with a ruthless agenda, the power struggle in the city intensifies. Back at the prison, new arrival Merle Callahan brings the Aryan threat right to Mike’s doorstep, forcing him to navigate a treacherous landscape with a traitor potentially lurking within his own walls. Don’t miss episode 3 of Mayor of Kingstown Season 3 with an exclusive preview below.

What happened in Mayor of Kingstown Season 3, Episode 2?

  • Big Hush dies: A woman named Sharon delivers poisoned drugs to Big Hush during a prison visit. Big Hush dies, and Warden Kareem tries to cover it up.
  • Sharon dies: Mike warns Bunny about Sharon but she is later found dead, likely killed to tie up loose ends.
  • Caspar is attacked: An unknown inmate tries to suffocate Aryan gang leader Caspar in prison. It is unclear who ordered the hit.
  • Iris is arrested: Iris is pulled over for not having a driver’s license and arrested. She refuses to be fingerprinted, fearing her real identity will be exposed.
  • Greg Stewart is paroled: Greg, who killed a friend years ago, is paroled despite the victim’s mother’s protests. She shoots him upon his release.

What to Expect from Mayor of Kingstown Season 3, Episode 3?

  • The investigation into the poisoned drugs continues.
  • Mike likely tries to help Iris get out of jail.
  • We may learn more about who is targeting Caspar and Bunny’s gang.
  • The fallout from Greg Stewart’s murder unfolds.

Where can I stream Mayor of Kingstown Season 3, Episode 3?

Since this is a Paramount exclusive, the only way to stream the third episode of the show is via Paramount+.

Release Date & Time:

A time hasn’t been specified for the episode yet, but you can watch episode 3 on Sunday, June 16th, 2024

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