civil war

Review by Shikhar

Captain America: Civil War turns the charismatic asshole we have come to love into a soapy unlikable government visionary. Every single character is either going through episodic breakdown or is at the cusp of getting into one. But wait, that won’t restrict them from wording philosophical jargon just for the sake of it.


Anthony Russo & Joe Russo, who previously directed the absolutely stunning superhero cum espionage thriller delve into characters who are introduced in a quick senseless action opener. While there are likable underlining themes of brotherhood, loyalty & humanity, at the end of the day Civil War turns into a lifeless soap opera with very less to hold on to.

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P.S: Best Spider-Man ever? Hell, yeah!

Review by Deloret

In latest chapter of ‘Adventures of Hundred Years Old American Hero’, vengeful Shere Kahn turns the pack of enhanced man cubs against one another. Threatened by their unparalleled power and negligence towards Law of the Jungle, council decides to govern their Red Flower. Gone are the days of godly thunder and vast green, the marvelous jungle now faces the worst draught wildlings have ever seen. Man cubs from Avengers valley are forced to choose a side, whether to make truce with council of Jungle in order to keep peace or hunt on their own and face the consequences. While one chases the ghost of father, other protects the comrade who has lost his marbles. War breaks out, creatures get wounded, but in the end, jungle survives.


There are lessons to be learnt from this epic saga created by Russo brothers, which looks rather grim but gives you few laughs, where Vision can’t see and Tony is stark. Trust the wisdom of Black Panther but beware of his claws, after all, every film has flaws. But look out for spider who weaves web with such a grace, ants and aunts come in all size and shape. It was pure delight to see tiny creatures such as ant and spider stealing the show in a saga more famous for its giant beasts.

This may not be the jungle book you’ve come to expect, but it has a lone wolf looking after pack, Seductive Kaa, badass black panther and many more creatures. And as the law of the jungle says, “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”


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